Viatek 40-pack Adhesive Hanging Hooks

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  • this stick really well!, (momoftwodogs IA)

    Like the assortment of sizes in this configuration. They stick so well to surfaces. Only complaint is that I wish the hooks on some of the them stuck out further to hang things like jackets.

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  • Hooks, (cristalsdog PA)

    Made the mistake put it on wall tried to reposition by taking off well the top layer of wallboard came off leaving hole had to repair n paint will not use on walls again

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  • Hooks, (ls56 GA)

    The hooks are great idea. The problem with them is they will rip your sheetrock off of your wall when you need to remove them.

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  • JALmi, (kyle1215 MI)

    works very well

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  • Tags, (Busdriverpat NY)

    My friend and I shared them. He is pleased and his workshop with them, and I liked them for the kitchen.

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  • Excellent, (Joanne7855 CA)

    These actually work, I ordered a second set! I figured when I put them up, soon things would fall but it has been a month, i hung mirrors, pictures, paintings and not one has come down. Worth a try if you dont want to damage walls and just want an easy way to hang your things!

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  • Waste of money, (Beebop4 PA)

    I totally agree with all the negative reviews. Theyre too small and VERY difficult to remove. Its too late to return so I wasted my money and Im stuck with a terrible product! UGH!

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  • Need a chisel to remove them, (bowlingnana IL)

    These work really well. I've used them in my garage and they are still holding tight and useful. Therefore, I bought more and used them on a mirror and a couple of door windows for Christmas decorations. After being up for 5 weeks, I quite literally had to chisel them off the glass. Thankfully, the glass did not break. In my experience, they are movable and reusable only if moved immediately. Once set, forget it!

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  • Disappointed , (ollybear OH)

    Was excited to use these hooks. Didnt use right away but finally did. Cannot use with a metal rack, the hook end was too thick! I was able to use on a clock but not before twisting and turn to get end in the hole. Unless an item has a loop I dont think will work. So going back!

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  • Not Great, (gramoffour FL)

    As another reviewer stated, I was disappointed that the hooks themselves were not sized as small, medium and large just the surrounding area. Would not recommend for that reason.

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  • Hooks are all the same small size, (shopper889 AZ)

    I thought I was getting small medium and large hooks. These are so small and the same size. Maybe 3/4 of an inch if that. Cant hang anything on them. What a waste of money. The only thing that varies in size is the sticky backs. Should have sent back but I couldnt get to he post office due to illness. Dont waste your money.

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  • Too little , (Huck1 PA)

    Hooks are too little, shallow. Unable to reposition or remove.

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  • not repositionable, (grannyp2p IN)

    I applied one to a kitchen cabinet. I tried to remove it to reposition and it was incredibly hard to remove and then it would not re-stick. Disappointed that all the hooks were the same size, just the backing was larger.

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  • I am hooked on Viatek., (cleopatra609 WV)

    I have used a few of my Viatek hooks so far, and I love how strong they are and how they conform to the surface so clearly. I would buy this product again.

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  • Like glue, (LKRJ PA)

    These little hooks work great! At first I thought being so small what could they handle?Im using them in my shower, kitchen, even my car.

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