Ultimate Plant Protein

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  • Awesome Plant Protein!!!!, (Gameplayer626 OH)

    Awesome product! Purchased the unflavored. I put it in my blender and made a shake. No food allergic reaction, mixed perfectly and NO taste...I'm ordering the large one right now. Thank you for a great plant based product!!

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  • Ultimate Plant Protein, (Coffee151 NC)

    I love this Ultimate Protein. I use a scoop full and mix it in the blender. It has no taste and blends well. I can definitely tell a difference and will continue to take it. It does exactly what Andrew Lessman said it would, and I thank you for a product that I have needed and; will buy again. I cannot say enough but it is awesome. Thank you again. Kathleen, Raleigh, NC

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  • Plant Protein or Secure Drink, (bootsagain2 CA)

    I chose the non-flavor version. I don't see two choices now. The texture is very fine and seems to mix easily. I don't sense any flavor change on the foods only a very slight change in the texture. The Secure Chocolate Drink does keeps me satisfied quite a long time. But sometimes I'm not in the mood for chocolate so the Plant Protein is a good option added to solids. Benefits seem equal. Productscan just be used differently for more protein in the diet.

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  • I appreciate the Plant Protein Option, (crm549 SC)

    I have been using this is my morning smoothies and it has been a welcome addition. I combine it with either Pina Colada Secure or Vanilla Secure along with frozen fruit and vegetable and it is very delicious. The texture is different from that of Whey but it mixes and tastes just fine (great in fact) in my morning smoothies. My only complaint is the packaging. Stress snags in the bag. Would prefer this items to come in a tub as I think a tub would be more durable.

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  • Love this Ultimate Plant Protein, (HappyMom747 CA)

    I highly recommend this plant protein Ultmate powder. I honestly have no problem mixing it with my Andrew Chocolate Secure & Whey Isolate. It mixes with no lumps &no bumps& no taste problems. Im very satisfied with this product. No after taste. Im happy camper. Andrew you have created another winner product. Thank you Andrew.

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  • Umm - not for me, (FoxTrotter CA)

    It dissolves mostly but it has a taste and texture that I can't cover, even by adding chocolate. Sorry, I wanted it to work but I think I have learned that pea protein products don't work for me. Just my personal taste. I'm sure they are fine for others. I still use a lot of Lessman products that work great.

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  • Sorry - This is a miss, (mlover NY)

    I was really looking forward to this. Ordered 2 - 1 for home and 1 for work. But the taste is..let's just say , not good, and it doesn't dissolve. It leaves a muddy mess at the bottom of the cup or glass. Doesn't seem to matter if it's added to something cold or hot - same mud.

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  • Not for me, (Vivian210 NY)

    I have been using in my coffee and it just doesnt work. The taste is like medicine and upsets my stomach. Very clumpy and doesnt dissolve very well in my coffee. Havent tried it in smoothies. Wont order again.

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