Ultimate Oatmeal - 90 Servings

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  • Ok, (3451236780a OH)

    Its hard to find fault with Andrews products but this oatmeal is odd. Ive been an oatmeal for life (70+ years). It appears rather powdery before cooked compared to supermarket brands and it takes quite a bit of stirring when cooking to get the lumps smoothed out. The taste is fine. However, based on cost/benefit, not sure Id buy again.

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  • Its Oatmeal!!!, (mrsnelli64 UT)

    I dont know what I was expecting but, its my own fault for thinking the price somehow would make it something else.

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  • Taste isn't the greatest, (MNFR123 OH)

    The smell and taste of this is not great. But it is good to help lower my cholesterol so I am keeping it. I add splenda and frozen blueberries/fruit, etc to it so the taste is better!

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  • Ultimate Oatmeal, (floosy14 TX)

    I am a huge fan of Andrews products but however not this one. I much preferred his previous oatmeal formula without CholestaCare. I take that as a separate supplement & thought this would be great combined.

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  • Expensive for Oatmeal, (flbarb FL)

    I didn't find this to taste any different than the organic oatmeal I have bought in the past. I found it expensive in comparison.

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  • Not wild over this, (sugarbelle41 GA)

    I like a brand I get at grocer better. This kind of slimy and takes longer to cook.

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  • It's Oat Meal, (PDMorrill FL)

    Oatmeal's nature ingredients include a 'Chorestra Care' type compound, so adding it to Oatmeal, and calling it 'Ultimate' is a little out there.As with all of Andrew's products, this one is very well made, very high quality, and it's priced like it. I'm glad to see that Andrew is combining more of his synergistic products together. I still think that Andrew could pass on some savings to the loyal customers on fixed income via reducing the price of each product with the money they spend on give-a-ways to other countries.

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  • okay, (deb-14_7 FL)

    i don't loveit is okay and will keep but not a favorite and i am a big fan of Andrew just this is a little mushy for me

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  • Not for me, (bakergal TX)

    It may be good for you, but if it doesn't taste good, and I won't eat it, if it doesn't taste good. Too costly not to eat. Sent it back right away.

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  • Too Expensive, (LoveRespectPeace CA)

    Andrew, your products are too expensive! Please lower your prices!

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  • Bland and Pasty, (mesmith523 OH)

    I'm sure the health benefits are good, but it doesn't help much if it doesn't taste good. I like whole steelcut hearty oats. These are cut, chopped up and look more like instant oatmeal instead of slow cook oatmeal. They also come out pasty, glue like texture. I followed the instructions exactly with water and then tried again with lowfat milk to see if that made a difference. Still came out with a glue like texture. Tried the cookie recipe, that was OK. I don't add sugar or syrup to my oatmeal normally because I like the taste of natural steelcut oats, but this oatmeal has no taste, no flavor. I found myself adding things to the oatmeal just to get some taste in it. Plus it is very pricey. I love Andrew's products, but won't be buying this again.

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  • Not the best, (Kimmy419 CA)

    The first time I made this I tried to microwave it and that didn't work, too watery. So I made it the next day with some lowfat milk, on the stove. The texture came out ok, but I didn't really care for the taste as an oatmeal, even when I added in a little sugar and cinnamon. I did however buy what I needed to try it out as oatmeal cookies per the recipe in the included cookbook, so I'm going to give that a try.

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  • Give it a try ...., (PDMorrill FL)

    All of Andrew's products have proven health benefits. Those benefits may not be readily perceived or recognized as they often take days, weeks or even months to fully produce. Rest assured, consuming them Vs. smearing on some lotion or potion, is the best way to receive those benefits.This product doesn't include 'Cholestra Care' (a registered product printed on the bowl on the front label) any where in the Listed Ingredients.As these are, by far, the highest priced supplements infused products I have ever used/purchased, my only suggestion would be is that Pro Caps Laboratories (and HSN) make the cost of the worldwide donation of prenatal supplements the choice of their retail consumer during the purchasing process, with a simple 'Donation Check Box' Vs. building it in all of the products, thereby potentially reducing the retail cost of these products to fixed income consumers.

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  • Andrews oatmeal, (bigmama10 AZ)

    I do like the idea of oatmeal combined with Cholestacare. For people used to fixing the prepackaged & flavored instant oatmeal, this is different. This is bland, no sweetener used so you have to try different things until you get it to your liking. Im telling myself to like it for the hope of improving my cholesterol numbers.

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  • Too mushy... But I'm sure it's good for us!!, (ARESeattle WA)

    I like a whole oat flake, oatmeal with substance during and after cooked. When I opened the container, I noticed that it looked like instant oatmeal, powdery, bits and pieces of oatmeal with some whole oat flakes. I was really looking forward to this oatmeal because of all the good things about it and in it! (I use a couple dozen of Andrew's supplements for 10+ years, so I am a huge fan of his products!) If this can be made where the oat flakes are whole and substantial and after cooking it isn't like instant oatmeal, I would "love" it! I am not a fan of mushy-pasty oatmeal. Sorry, it's just not for me - it ruins the taste and experience of a whole flaked oatmeal. Please see if you can get whole flakes with all the same goodness! Trust me, I still love all you do Andrew, I will try this again if you can get whole substantial flaked oatmeal!

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