Ultimate Oatmeal - 90 Servings

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  • O, (edl1 NY)

    I did not receive this product. No package was delivered to me. Please replace as soon as possible. I do not know where the package went. Please help me.Edward Licciardello

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  • Oatmeal , (Redladi2 GA)

    Its just oatmeal, it doesnt taste or make feel different. So I will just go back to store brought oatmeal.

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  • oatmeal, (bikegirl4 CA)

    I don't like writing bad reviews but the truth needs to be told about this product. I made the oatmeal using 1/2 C. It only lasted 11 days. The oats are very dusty. I've never had oatmeal in this condition. It's barely OK

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  • Nasty Yuk and expensive!, (dagwood1 NC)

    For this price and bad taste, go get the inexpensive grocery store oatmeal brand and Cholestacare pill is cheaper! Break the pill up if needed. No go on this one Lessman.

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  • Contains Cholesterol in the Oatmeal, (Daphne222 PA)

    Very disappointed that I'm trying to lower my Cholesterol & the product actually contains it.

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  • Not worth the price!, (jmae CA)

    The container arrives half full, and there is no way there are 30 servings. Totally not worth the price.

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  • Product Has changed!, (woolizzie FL)

    Please use the old formula for your oatmeal!!!Andrew you have changed this product, not for the better! It is Finer, Stickier and more water is needed.

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  • so-so, (mare853 NJ)

    I tried a bowl of this. My problem is I grew up with to much Oatmeal. I put a teaspoon in my coffee every day.

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  • no difference, (Mim7 FL)

    I tasted no difference in this oatmeal than Quaker oatmeal for $3...this is ridiculously priced....btw, I lowered my cholesterol with Quaker..Save your money...AL has far better products to spend money on.

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  • no trash but very expensive , (Maria300 FL)

    send it back coz its very expensive for an oatmeal. no trash taste and cook so quick with little water.

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  • My lab values came back unchanged, (boxerdoglover FL)

    I have been following a great diet for over a year and taking cholestacare for the past 6 months. Ordered this to help in reducing my numbers. I haven't opened yet (have been using the sample sizes that came in January's special). I just got my lab values back and there is no change. So it appears this doesn't work for me and I may have to go on medication. Very sad and disappointed.

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  • MOLDY, (toryg NY)

    I first ordered this oatmeal when it was introduced last fall and loved it! Got my second order and realized when I opened it that it had a terrible smell and felt damp to the touch. It obviously had gone bad. Very disappointed.

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  • OOPS, (IZZY32 OR)

    the packaging on this duo was defectivehad a very very difficult time opening cap and could only get one of the 2 openedalso each container big, bulky and too heavy to use on a daily basisreturned

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  • Too powdery and pasty, (FREN CO)

    I eat oatmeal every day, and I take many of Andrew's products. More importantly, I really trust him and the quality of his products. So, I ordered four of these. I will use them, and it is no doubt nutritious, but the powdery, chopped up, and then pasty result will prevent my ordering any more. Very disappointing.

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