Ultimate Oatmeal - 90 Servings

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    So good and good for you.

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  • So good, (badgergirl WI)

    I'm not a big oatmeal fan, but this has changed my mind. Been eating for the past week very good!! Hope to get the added cholesterol benefits this provides.

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  • Great flavor, (Debbie3001 AZ)

    This is easy to make and great tasting! Prefer this oatmeal to Quaker Oats. Great to get on sale!

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  • Excellent , (RV5 CT)

    I been using this product for years. Before my cholesterol was always high. Since I started using Ultimate oatmeal, my cholesterol has gone down significantly. I love this product! It tastes great, and is very good for your overall health. I recommend this product without reservations.

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  • Love it!, (fancyns46 IL)

    These are so good with cinnamon, a sugar substitute and blueberries. Keeps me full for hours feels healthy to my body.

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  • Excellent, (Katie287 NC)

    Best oatmeal ever! Order every year and would not be without!

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  • I finally like oatmeal, (Rosietheriveter6 PA)

    I never liked oatmeal because it was too chunky. I take Andrew's oatmeal and grind it real fine. I also put cinnamon on it and serve with applesauce. Now I like oatmeal.

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  • Excellent product, (SusieQ649 TX)

    Been using product for several years and my cholesterol is always within the normal limits. This is an excellent product.FYI... several reviews stated that there was "cholesterol" in this product and that is not true.

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  • Delicious, (dollie5612 OH)

    This oatmeal is delicious and so easy to fix. I first heat up water in my kettle.I take 1/4 cup oatmeal in bowl and add 1/2 cup of water from boiling kettle to the bowl with oatmeal. I then put in microwave for 25 seconds and so very delicious. I add frozen blueberries to bowl and mix well. I have it every morning this way!

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  • Very Healthy, (Don77777 WI)

    Combining heart healthy oatmeal with plant sterols makes this a very potent anti cholesterol oatmeal. It doesn't taste quite as good as steel cut oats (it would be great if Andrew started offering that option) but it still tastes good and is a healthy way to start the day. Or as a snack as well. A+

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  • Delicious & filling, (PLANTNUT PA)

    This oatmeal is so good. With the cold weather this has been tummy warming & filling. Havent seen my doctor yet so dont know how my cholesterol numbers are effected. Even if there is no change doesnt matter. Will be buying this again.

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  • Excellent product!!, (flygirl08 FL)

    My husband I have this EVERY morning with yogurt and fruit. We prep it the night before (and sometimes a batch of them for the week) and have it prepared as "overnight oats". It is fabulous and satisfying !!

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  • the one and only, (owlsmom44 MD)

    since my first purchase of the oatmeal, it's the only one we use in our house. It's delicious. we use it for hot oatmeal, overnight oats and cookies and homemade granola bars and it's perfect!

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  • what's up with the new packaging?, (Stymie NY)

    The oatmeal is excellent but recently they changed the packaging from a plastic canister container to a resealable bag.They need to bring back the plastic canisters with the screw on tops.Thank-goodness I saved a few of my old ones.

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  • GOAT, (NukeMomma FL)

    Greatest OATMEAL all Time!Been buying Andrew's oatmeal for years. It's the best and a great value for such quality!

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