Ultimate Calcium-Magnesium Intensive Care

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  • Cal-Mag Intensive CareVitamins D3 and K2 MK-7 100, (Shopcat87 IN)

    I have been taking this formula along with Essential 1. After taking this combo for a little over a month, my hairstylist told me I have new hair growth that is definitely not broken off hair. Also, my nails always break. My nails have grown very fast & I'm actually considering a manicure for a change. My Dr said she wanted me taking more calcium & vitamin D to try to improve my bone scan results. I do take this in the morning. I also started adding it in the evening at the Dr's suggestion.

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  • Love this Combo, (mur WV)

    I really like being able to purchase all of the nutrients in one capsule! I do have to wait for coupon offers or special pricing because I buy so many of Andrew's supplements.

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  • Superb Product, (coffee4me MO)

    I love the Calcium-Magnesium Intensive Care. I have ordered it several times, and cannot be without it. It give me the supplements I need without the huge chalky pill.

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  • Don't mind taking these at all, (Lala39 FL)

    Hate pills especially calcium pills. Most nauseate me when I take them and do me no good anyway. These are not like those pills. These pills are easy to swallow and do not nauseate me. After taking these pills, I have finally been able to get my calcium regulated to the point it is doing what it is supposed to do. I will not let myself be without these pills. Am actually a fan of a pill - amazing.

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  • Too low on calcium, (linda1222 CT)

    This product is woefully low in calcium. A women should be taking at least 1200 mg. Now I have to go out and buy calcium after buying this.

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  • Great combination, BUT......., (SYLVAN113 NY)

    This is a great combination to be in one capsule........ but after receiving them, I did research on which magnesium is the best to take, and the "oxide" thats in these is one of the worst you can take with only 4% absorbsion. Its also the very cheapest. Andrew, any way to change to a more absorbable magnesium??? Next time, Ill do my research first before I purchase!

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  • Another great product, (Mary95610 SC)

    I love that this Ultimate Calcium Magnesium also has Vitamins D3 and K2 MK-7 100 included in the formula. I feel that I am completely covered with the important ingredients in this special formula. Thank you Andrew Lessman for another very important addition to your fine line of products.

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  • Great Items, (cool25 NC)

    This calcium is great. Both my hubby and I take this and have great reports from the doctors.

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  • Healthy Me, (Abbybell PA)

    Very happy with all Andrew Lessman products.

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  • You can feel the difference , (Maryann9210 NJ)

    Since I started taking this my severe pain in my arm has gone down from a 10 to a 1. I also take other of Andew vitamins. My friends and I say " there vitamins and there is Andew Lessman" all his products are superior.

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  • Calcium/magnesium, (sammy13 CA)

    Best product as all his products are. Can't beat the price as a must have for me. Been using Andrew Lessman products since he started. Please try any of his products you won't be sorry. Keep them coming.

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  • Product works!, (QnSueBee FL)

    The product works well for me, helping with both my sleep and my overall health. Unfortunately, this is the 2nd product from this company that has arrived with spilled capsules inside. Hate to lose the use of those, and I also hate having the powder all over the other capsules! But not a deal breaker.PS- must be a glitch-can't get my state to change to SC

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  • Love Andrews vitamins, (JanH TX)

    I have RA and would never be without his vitamins.

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  • Relief from leg pain in ONE DAY!, (pennysmom NE)

    I had leg cramping in bed at night. I read that it could be a Magnesium deficiency. I ordered this configuration since it also had the K, D, and Calcium. I took 2 pills in the afternoon. That night, and EVERY NIGHT SINCE, I have NO leg pain. I take 2 pills every day. My leg pain was such that I would cry out and writhe around in bed. This product truly was the solution. I ordered the largest size, and the kids take it, too. I'm an Andrew Lessman fan, and a regular customer, but this is the first supplement I've ever purchased from ANYWHERE that has given IMMEDIATE relief!! Can you imagine how severe my deficiency must have been, to have such piercing leg pain? THIS IS THE SOLUTION!!!!!!

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  • works well, (hsnshopper188 IN)

    seems to work well . no bad reaction, take it to ensure that we get enough calcium. magnesium, Vit D and K

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