Ultimate Calcium-Magnesium Intensive Care

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  • Improvement, (CATHYJEAN CA)

    In 2015~ I got my bone density test of -3. which is osteoporosis of the hips. I was told I needed osteoporosis meds~ I said I need to research this~ I added magnesium glycinate ~ I found andrew lessmans products and and strated taking them . next two yr's 2017 bone density is -2.5 better had improved~ my nurse practitioner asked what I was doing~ this year 2019~ there is no osteoporosis - 2.

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  • Dr said: Whatever you are going, keep doing it., (Splendid AR)

    This is an everyday item to start the day.It works.

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  • Hope for the best, (marge4064 MN)

    1st time purchasing Vitamins on line, but after listening to the benefits of this capsule I am taking them and hoping they deliver. Also plan on looking into other vitamins and supplements

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  • Happy with Andrew , (Christi830 FL)

    I purchase all of my vitamins and supplements from Andrew he has the best products and i know how top quality they all are too ...i will always buy from Andrew CHRISTINE

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  • Awesome Calcium, (hsnenthusiast194 IL)

    This vitamin is second to none. All of Mr. Lessman's vitas are superb!!!!!! I feel so healthy consuming this vitamin. Don't want to live without it. It simply is stellar!!!!!!

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  • Fabulous product, (1961rink TN)

    I'm a little over a month ago I went and had regular blood work done I was lacking in vitamin D and calcium and I chose this product because it absolutely works it is an amazing product and it gives you your body everything it needs.

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  • THANK YOU HSN!, (larryetta3632 OH)

    LOVE this product...now I LOVE the COMPANY even more with the 90 day RETURN POLICY. Just when the country needed it most...HSN came through. Thank you....HSN!

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  • Great product , (chic53 WA)

    Works great - keeps my knees and hips flexible for jogging and stepping. Thanks for a wonderful product.

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  • Much needed supplement, (Antonio188 OH)

    Since I am in my late 50's and my sisters also, we diligently take our Calcium Magnesium to help avoid bone loss and our medical studies always result favorable. We know that we are doing vital preventive maintenance to our bodies as we do with many other of Andrew Lessman's products. I have trusted his products for years because he has the best products on the market. Also, he is constantly bettering his products which no other manufacturer that I know of is doing. Thanks Andrew!

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  • Magnesium , (Gilchrist NC)

    I am writing more as a question than a review. I just completed reading the differences in magnesiums. This product has magnesium oxide is is hard for the body to absorb and not used for those with magnesium deficiencies. However, the AL magnesium sold by itself is sold as magnesium citrate, which is the form used for deficiencies. Am I wrong? If not, why would AL not use MC in this product? I feel confused.

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  • My Stomach Loves This Supplement, (survivor292 NH)

    Due to certain health issues, my doctor has insisted I get 1200 mg minimum of calcium every day. Getting that much per day from food is impossible to do within my dietary restrictions. But every calcium supplement I've tried has made me sick. So, I always stop taking them and my bones have suffered. Until now. I'm so happy I can now get the amount of supplementation I need in easy to swallow pills with no stomach upset. Great that it has all the additional ingredients to ensure absorption.

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  • This is great , (luningning ID)

    I am feeling better on my bones since I use this. The Dr's prescription did not help but send me to ER. So I ordered this after seeing it on HSN only. I ordered the huge bottle as you see. Since then I depended on this for my bone density. I ordered the other one, I don't know If I need to order this one again.

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  • Vitamins , (Janie867 NM)

    Great vitiating-easy to order

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  • It's Andrew Lessman - enough said, (gigifabulous NV)

    I'm a repeat customer of many of AL products for many years. AL supplements are superior to all other premium brands I've tried (and I've been a dedicated consumer of herbs, vitamins and minerals for over 15 years).

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  • Better Value, (mur WV)

    I like this version of Andrew's Calcium product because of all the supporting ingredients to aid calcium absorption.It is a comprehensive approach and a better value overall.

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