Ultimate Calcium-Magnesium Intensive Care - 180 Capsules

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  • D3 and MK7 , (Jilliann6 AL)

    This is just what I need to help my bones, brain, cholesterol, and thyroid and inflammation issues. I won't look for another brand as this has it all. My Hashimotos and inflammation and cholesterol thanks you AL!! Please in your presentations bring awareness to the growing population fighting thyroid disease and help us determine the best of your products for optimum health. The struggle is real!! Thank you!

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  • Great product , (19519 CA)

    Love the ultimate calcium-magnesium care-its good to know that Im taking calcium supplements with vitamin K and D.

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  • BVL68, (Bv65 DC)

    I've been taking Ultimate Calcium Magnesium Intensive Care for some years and have had no issues with low or depletion of Calcium or Magnesium in my body. It is an excellent vitamin.

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  • Order not received in timely manner!!!, (pblocker MS)

    CANNOT give a review as it JUST got here this afternoon!I placed the order October 17 2002 and did not receive product til TODAY, November 3 2022! So very disappointed!

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  • One purchase but lots of extras, (Jane2415 IA)

    I buy this calcium supplement because it has everything I need with it. So I dont have to make separate purchases which are more expensive in the long run. I appreciate this combination.

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  • A staple in my diet, (rdm1 CA)

    I suffer from osteopenia caused by Graves and need to take calcium daily; these capsules deliver the vitamins and minerals I need to maintain my bones. I can't be without them... They are easy to swallow and don't bother my stomach.

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  • Improved Sleep, (Chinny1234567 DE)

    I'm not sure i can be without this product, I rake it at night and found that it has helped me with leg relaxation at bedtime and calms me down and allows for a night of restful sleep.

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  • Ultimate Calcium Mag. Intensive Care, (Blessed139 AR)

    Great products. Really helps protect bones. Also helps me relax and fall asleep if taken in the evening. Do not have aches in legs if I take regularly.

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  • I highly recommend it, but..., (OHIO911 OH)

    I have purchased this product for years and will probably continue to do so. My disappointment with the last order is that the capsules are covered in calcium dust. There are quite a few capsules that have a hole in the end of the capsule, like it got clipped off somewhere along the production line. Their contents are all over the interior of the container. Someone needs to inspect the line. Disappointed because this isn't cheap and I received some quarter filled capsules.

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  • Great product, (AllModConz OH)

    I love being able to get all these ingredients in 1 capsule instead of taking multiples. No stomach upset

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    Thanks to Andrew Lessman for giving us a complete calcium/magnesium formula with D and MK7 that I can actually take long term. This is the only formula I have tried (so many!) that doesn't upset my digestive system. It's a must-have supplement.

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  • Quantity reduced, (Roxxie1 FL)

    Not sure why, but the quantity was reduced for the largest size and the price increased.

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    I absolutely love this combo the best, magnesium for your heart the best, calcium for your bones the best, im very very happy there is no words to describe andrew lessman vitamins thank you, thank you andrew lessman for such great product all your vitamins are THE BEST

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  • Great combination of nutrients, (healthyliving5 NJ)

    I was happy to see this back. I usually buy the K2 alone, but this is a good combination since it contains minerals as well as some D3. K2 is so important (I have learned watching Andrew!) Keeping the calcium in the bones and teeth and OUT of the blood stream. So important! I think way more important to keep the arteries healthy! Thank you for all your wonderful information and clean vitamins and nutrients!!!

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  • Calcium Mag, (Flashd CA)

    Great product. I can certainly feel the difference vs store bought Calcium.

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