Tweak'd by Nature 2-piece Rescue Cream Home and Go Set

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  • 1 for Me 1 for the Hubs, (FunMaiTaiAunt TX)

    Originally bought this lotion w the hand sanitizer on a whim and fell in love w the lotion. More shocking is my husband LOVES it and he hates all lotions but has dry hands from work and guitar. It absorbs totally, leaves hands velvety, corrects dryness quickly and feels like velvet with lovely subtle scents that do not smell synthetic at all - perfect. Decided to try the unscented for yoga classes where you cant wear perfume scents and love it too. Peaches and cream is just spring time perfect

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  • Love the stuff, (Susie0071 NC)

    Great scent and creams are nice and rich without being greasy. Absorbs easily makes my skin new!

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  • Love!!, (EMPI3244 CA)

    Tweakd products for me are the best. Love that it is pure clean beauty. I use this cream, from head to toe

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  • teacher4, (FM11 CA)

    love this sent of rescue cream

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  • Love this multi-purpose cream, (Becky-Z NE)

    I love this cream. It works great as a face/eye cream, body moisturizer, and a little bit rubbed on your palms and then in your hair as a leave in conditioner. Thats why it is the perfect travel cream. I wouldnt travel without it. I like the sweet vanilla scent of the tub. I just wish the tube was also scented.

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  • Tulipia Pink Vanilla, (SnowOwlGrl MS)

    Multi-tasking products are a must have for traveling and this cream does it all from head to toe (plus it works at home, too :D ) It only takes a minute to soak in, isn't greasy or oily, and a little goes a long way. Tulipia is a sweet scent and does smell like vanilla ice cream, it's very nice. I'm anxious to try more scents this year. Thank you Denis and team for all your hard work bringing us these amazing products. Mom is just gorgeous and does a great job showing us how to use product.

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  • Tulipia, (Neen29 MI)

    I buy this duo whenever I can because the Tulipia is my all-time favorite scent and it is going to be extinct and eventually replaced with another tulip scent. Tweak'd cream is everything it is said to be and can literally be used in place of so many other products. I will always have it in my home. The unscented is my 2nd favorite.

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  • 2 piece rescue cream, Tweakd, (Newton74 WV)

    Beautiful product, it makes your skin feel like silk. Wonderful as a makeup primer! The Tulipia scent is amazing!

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  • Feel good and smells good Rescue Cream, (Bluerose7177 CA)

    Love, love ,love! Immediately hydrates skin, not to mention so in love with this Tulapia scent. Keeps you hydrated all day. Came back for another after my daughter tried mine. Now my other daughter wants one too! Yes, I recommend this product.

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  • Tilupia, (wonkyhead MA)

    First time trying the rescue cream. It really moisturizes and softens the skin. Love the fragrance of tilupia and the unscented actually has no scent or weird smell. Will buy again. Seems to last few days after one application Excellent cream!

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  • Love this product and scent., (Evelynj GA)

    i love the rescue cream, the peaches and cream and unscented are my favorites. I keep the unscented in my purse and desk drawer, and I use the peaches and cream for body. I love the feel of the cream, and the scent is natural and not overbearing.

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  • Tulipia!, (dm126 NJ)

    The Tweak'd rescue creams are awesome head to toe. My skin feels soft, looks smooth and it does not cause my acne prone skin to break out at all. The Tulipia Pink Vanilla Cream scent is to die for. It truly smells like ice cream. I wish this scent was not limited edition, I'd especially love to see it in the new functional fragrance sticks!

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  • The best working skin cream, (Bamo04 CA)

    This cream smells so good I love this tulip scent it is amazing. This cream works on the first time my skin has improved dramatically and I would recommend to everyone.

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  • Awesome product, (fryar0431 TN)

    Love this product I ordered tulip and I am ordering a second oneit is amazing on your skin

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  • Tweak'd by Nature 2 piece rescue cream, (TastySweety CA)

    I purchased the Peaches & Cream. Light scent, love how nicely it absorbs and no greasy feeling. The tube is always in my purse. Need to purchase more!

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