Tweak'd by Nature 2-pack Amber Vanilla Rescue Cream

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  • Bought because of reviews, (Blitzensays SC)

    It's ok, I don't see anything special about this product

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  • odor, (COREEN MA)

    I have used the amber vanilla cream in the large tub and loved it. These small tubs are bad. The smell is awful. I returned it. They would not let me change the scent. Do not get this. They must have changed the formula

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  • Strong scent, (Brogan163 FL)

    I was hoping that the scent would evaporate in time due to the strong smell, but it did not. I had to wash the cream off even though it did feel nice on my skin. I was disappointed and wish that there was an unscented formula for this product. Some of us unfortunately have breathing issues due to what is put in items.

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  • hmm, (PugNose WA)

    These need an inner seal. The outer seal can be lifted and then pressed down again. I like tweak'd products but this one seem to be drying so I wonder if it is old.

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  • disappointed, (MeMe777 LA)

    I ordered the peaches and cream. It did not smell like peaches and cream had very little scent. That was ok. I gave two stars because it is GREASY on the skin. I applied it to my face and neck after bathing before bed and was miserable. I returned it the next day.

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  • Seems different than larger container , (JP7 NV)

    I have ordered the larger green tea in past from Qvc. The cream was thicker & smelled better. The tulip cream seems watery & easily dissolves not really absorbing. Said we would love. I do not but wanted too since I do love the green tea. Dissatisfied..

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  • Sending back, (PETROUCHKA1971 CT)

    The pro is that it has a soothing beautiful consistency & it does not sting the skin. The cons are it does not absorb into the skin, if you wet your skin there is a slimy feeling because its sitting on top of your skin and I purchased the pure and to me it has a very artificial coconut mixed with crayon scent. So disappointed.

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  • Ok, (beckyike09 IL)

    I bought this lotion because I love the scent of Above the Clouds hair treatment. The lotion itself is ok, but it smells nothing like I thought I thought it would. In my opinion, the Peaches & Cream rescue cream is a better cream and smells great!

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    I like the Tweaked products; however,I am finding the fragrance of all just too strong for my tastes...The Peaches and Cream smells nothing like Peaches...unscented is the only way for me and still not sureabout that...I like the shampoo mud...

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  • Not so good rescue cream, (zephboy WV)

    This feels too heavy on my face. Doesnt absorb into my skin the way it should.

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  • Too strong of a scent, (Anonymous AZ)

    I should have gotten the scentless one. This peach scent smells too strong and not really like peach. I put it on my neck area to try it out and had to wash it off and use my inhaler. Not good if you have asthma. It did make my skin feel soft but can't take the strong scent.

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  • Will not be my first choice in the future, (trshmare CT)

    The cream smells great and doesnt make my skin break out. I find it too thick so that I have to add water to it to make it spread easier and make it feel less heavy.

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  • Way too strong, (Saturday3263 CA)

    Fragrance way too overpowering

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  • Smells nice but, (Felix123 FL)

    The scent is wonderful, but although it seems to smooth & moisturize skin, it doesn't last. The moisturizing is gone after an hour. Then I read the ingredients, a long list of chemicals. Not for me. Returning,

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  • Overpowering Fragrance, (sky25 KY)

    This was very nice and creamy, but the smell was just too much! It gave me a headache. One of the ingredients is Parfum/Fragrance which is vague and doesn't really say what it's from. I sent it back.

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