True & Tidy STM-500 Heavy Duty Steam Mop

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  • Great Steam Mop , (dh11182020 GA)

    I only have the mop for several days. This a great steam mop. It lets out a lot of stream, the the mop is almost double the size compare to other steam mop, and the two speeds. What I loved the best about steam mop, I do not need to fill up the water cup every couple of minutes.

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  • Its dead after 2 months, (Critterville748 NC)

    I bought this a couple of months ago to use in the bath where the cats litter boxes are. Its perfect for a small room, vacuum up floor than mop it, I, loved it! Now, after charging back and forth for a week, cannot get it to turn on. I am very disappointed in this product. I used twice a week and now its junk.

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  • Decent but needs refinement, (gemjunkie5529 CA)

    For a steam mop in this price range, its good. Im writing this after first use. Steam is inconsistent. Sometimes its roaring and other times it seems like more water is dispensing than steam. Also beware if you dont have GFCI outlets because it may not work. The instructions state that this model is 1500 watts, so make sure your house electrical can handle. I tried plugging into non GFCI outlet and the steamer wouldnt turn on. So I still will need to buy disposable mop pads for some rooms .

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  • Steam mop, (1961rink TN)

    This is my first steam mop ever. Absolutely wonderful product I could not get my floors to come clean like I wanted them to and the Steam Mop is an amazing amazing product it cleans my floors like I've never had them before

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  • Completely satisfied, (fav8 TX)

    Have n't used it yet, cs of the bad weather

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  • Disappointed , (mmhooked0820 MI)

    We have laminate floors, and this left my floors even more streaky and dirty looking than the wet jet did. After use I checked the pad on the bottom and it looked like there were only 3 spots on the pad that were even dirty, so I'm assuming the whole pad is not touching the floor or picking up sort of dirt. It doesn't navigate or push smoothly at all.I would return this if it wasn't such a pain to I'm just out $60+.

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  • Not happy when I opened the Box, (Msjolly2 IL)

    I received this product on Friday February 5, 2020. I used it the next day Saturday. When I opened the box I realized that this must have been a return because the cord was unwrapped and was half way in the plastic bag that it should have been in, the scrubbing pad plastic bag was open and one of the pads were in the bottom of the box the other was in the plastic. This was a complete turn off for me. I truly felt that this should never happen . I was very disappointed that I received .

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  • True & Tidy fits my lifestyle, (catfun NH)

    Love the performance of this product. Very easy to use , so light weight & cleans floor quickly with no added chemicals. No more messy buckets, sponges, getting on my hands & knees or waiting for floor to dry. Very happy with my decision to purchase it .

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  • Great steam mop, (lovetoshop357 FL)

    I was looking at another Network and they had another Steam Mop for $99.99 and I was looking on HSN and saw this tidy steam up and you can also buy extra pads which I did and I use it the other day and let me tell you, this mop is just as good as the steam mop for $99.99. The steam is excellent and it does the floors unbelievably clean and you can feel it after you're done in the drys when you walk on it. I love this team up I will probably use it two or three times a week. And I highly recommen

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  • good mop, (apolakay WA)

    It does what it's supposed to do, I'm satisfied. Now I don't have to use my bare hands to clean my kitchen floors.

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  • Loves it, (Hmeeks OK)

    I bought this for my son. him and his roommate both a have a dog and they have tile floors, and he said that it works very well on the tile

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  • Worth every star, (Cuggleup IL)

    I'm a 63 yrs young not as strong as I'd like to be thus mops and buckets were getting harder to handle..gave this a try and I'm so glad I did. ..easy to assemble and it really does clean without any additional cleaning love love

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