Trexonic Wireless Charger with Fast Charging Dock and Wireless Charging Station

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  • Surprised!!!!, (DOC31 GA)

    Very good product. Stylish and compact. Great charging station!!!!!

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  • Very easy, (Elisa43 RI)

    Very easy to use and install

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  • Upset, (Disappointment93 NY)

    It's really hard to say I've tried to order this product twice and both times they sent me the wrong charger they sent me a 6 port charging unit instead of the wireless 1 that I that comes in the picture twice so I had to send them both back and now I am awaiting my credit So at this point

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  • Returned -Defective, (SweeHeart CA)

    Didn't work. Not sure way it wouldnt charge my phone. Great design idea though.

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