TPH by Taraji 2-piece Style Set for the Curly

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  • Fabulous, (KayKay228 PA)

    My daughter has curly hair and these products work to give them bounce and shine.

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  • Thank You Taraji, (Sanka8 NY)

    I love this product. I have thin spotty grey hair because of medication and age. I can say it is truly helped my hair after 1 used. Unbelievable! And the thing is, your price point for such a Hair Transforming Product., now baby, thats unbelievable now adays. It smells so good !I'm your forever customer. Ms. Kym

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  • Awesome product , (littledar IL)

    Im a Hispanic women with short curly hair. Tried the leave in conditioner and can see a difference in my hair after just one use. The next morning I applied the hair for days and my hair looked so much better than any other hair products I have used. No more frizzy hair for me. Love his stuff. Hope it comes back as a TS. Would definitely buy again.

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  • It works great, (wanda7414 MD)

    The products is great. Will order again.

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  • Loving my hair again., (tmw3 CA)

    I have wavy curly hair and was experiencing shedding , when I use the combo i can run my fingers through my hair with no fistfuls of hair. I have just ordered the TPH strengthening products. Looking forward to growing strong locks!!!

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  • Lovely, (sexyhappycj OH)

    Thank you Taraji, this set has done wonderful things for my hair. I love it and will continue to use it as long as you sale it.

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  • A Winner, (Ankay2 TX)

    BUY THIS! I am a 66 year old white woman with curly, frizzy and coarse silver hair. This product takes away the frizz, smoothes and defines your curls. I use the Ride or Die daily and Curls 4 Days after shampooing. Will definitely buy again.

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  • Love it , (teal9 KS)

    I love it .. I use it on my hair and have gotten lots of compliments on my hair it makes my hair more wavy ,curly looking. Even my husband said I love your hair what did you do to it. The smell , Oh it smells so good like your own hair perfume , its not greasy or sticky , goes on very smooth and silky. I really love it and will be buying more

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  • Awesome; Just Try It. , (chillyhillie NC)

    I am a natural hair woman & was skeptical of ordering but after listening to Tarajis story on why she created her products, I had to try. My hair is a mix of 4c in the middle & 3 in the front & nape so I was wondering if this would even work for my entire hair. Well, it does & does give curls for days. I hate doing my hair so I will spray some of this on & it brings my hair to life. And I LOVE THE SMELL. I will be ordering more of this. Thank you Taraji.

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  • Great products, (IKHmom2 GA)

    I love the smell of both products. Too soon to see what the results will be, but I'm looking forward to this being one of go to hair products.

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  • Taraji, girl...THANK YOU! Highly Recommend., (DesertKe TX)

    My hair was born/raised in humidity (Chicago Spring)! It resides in dry, dusty, desert-HOT (SW Texas) and my mane has suffered! Tried SO MANY products that claim they can help but dont. BUT shout to the rafters for TPH! Everything Taraji says TPH does, it does. My hair is so manageable now. Its long, naturally curly (but afro-kinky too); Must wet daily to style. Water is damaging! TPH adds life/moisture to my mane/ends, enabling longer wear w/less water use! Better product, better results!

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  • YESSSSSSSSS, (nique88 LA)

    This TPH Set for curly hair is THE TRUTH! I am a hairstylist..I've used many hair care products for curly hair and this product is ONE OF THE BEST...Just apply and comb or brush through the hair and curls bounce back; and when the hair dry it's soft bouncy, shiny, and luxurious. ITS A YES FOR ME..HIGHLY RECCOMEND!

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  • My hair looking good, (chyye NC)

    Very nice hair product for my hair. Thanks Taraji and HSN.

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  • Curls, curls, curls, (boodles2 PA)

    These products works well at enhancing my natural curls, I will be purchasing again.

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  • Fabulousnesssss, (Fashionmaven60 CO)

    Yesssss, Ms. Henson, you have done it!! As a Latina woman of Puerto Rican descent this does my hair good. Instead of being a frizz head, I have beautiful, natural, shiny, beach wavy hair. Bring it back in a hurry!!!

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