Tony Little Destress Hypoallergenic Pillowcase 2-pack - King Size

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  • Tony Little Destress Hypoallergenic Pillowcase , (Ranay NY)

    These pillowcase coverings are must have. I was very happy to see that HSN still carried them.Highly recommend if you use the Tony Little pillows.

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  • Tony Little pillowcases , (mozell711 GA)

    Love my Tony Little pillows. Use them daily, and the pillowcases are perfect. Allows me to adjust as needed.

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  • So smooth, (harry22 NY)

    Have used the pillows and cases for 2 years or more, have also given them as gifts for my daughter and grandson everyone loves them, even my pup

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  • Great Pillows, Great Cases., (Cinfadel NE)

    These are nice feeling pillow cases, which match back to the wonderful Tony Little Pillows. My neck pain has nearly vanished with the use of these pillows. These cases are super smooth.

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  • Awesome pillows , (tbird04 TN)

    this is my second set and would not use any other kind. This it has a gusset where the first set did not and it is even more improved. Pillow cases are great for my hair and my face complexion. No allergies. The pillow moves with me. I will buy again

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  • love, (bunny785 KS)

    the fabric is nice and the pillow case does not sleep hot. It helps to sleep cool. Other fabric I find hair strands on my pillow case. This fabric is like silk and easy on the hair. This is my 3rd set of these. I also use in guest bedroom.

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  • Finally, extra pillow cases, (satchie1500 FL)

    Love these pillow cases, they go on easy, wash great and are the finishing touch to my destress pillow. i am so happy that i can have extras.

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  • white, (deb-14_7 FL)

    I returned but i am reordering in a color I am happy with purchase just wanted a color not white, pillows came with white now want color cases

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  • Awesome pillowcases !!!, (summertime183 MA)

    Just what I was looking for. So glad these pillowcases are offered on HSN to match the Micro-Pedic Pillows. Wash & hang dry. Now I have 2 sets & can wash & use the others on my pillows. Many thanks !

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  • Great pillowcases!!, (DonDaBirdman IL)

    Great pillowcases. Soft and comfortable.

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  • Great product!, (Kay2211 TX)

    I love Tony Little pillows and cases. Might I suggest Tony, a smaller version of your pillow for travel. When u get used to sleeping on this's pillow, nothing else will do! I'm flying to East Texas for a month and can't tKe my pillow! I need s smaller version to go in my suitcase, perhaps a 15" X 12" rectangular shape for travel. I would purchase one! Make me one Tony! As a testimonial, I have Trigeminal Neuralgia and your pillow is the only one in 10 years I've been able to sleep on! And it is time for a new set! Mine are 10 years and getting pretty worn out. I just haven't had the funds. Lots of people have Trigeminal Neralgia and I can testify that this is the pillow for them! Plz pass this request to Tony. Thank u! Carolene Cottrell, Lubbock TX

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  • Very soft, (Sugarmutt FL)

    Works well

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  • Best pillowcases ever! , (Diana399 VA)

    The material of these cases is much better than the original cases. It doesn't stretch as easily and is really smoothe and so comfy. I can't sleep on any other pillow. Please don't ever stop making them!

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  • Love Tony little Pillows!, (elcentrowendy NC)

    I'm a disabled Iraq Veteran and I love these pillows and the pillow cases, too! I have bought my pillows a year ago, so HSN will not allow me to review the pillows this late, so I'll review both here! As I said, I was injured in Iraq with aneck and back injury and tried over 10 pillows ! This PILLOW WORKS! I finally have a pillow that conforms to my neck and tha makes all the difference in my sleep and therefore, in my day to day health. I've told every Vet I know and given these pillows and cases for gifts, so may times! They are easy to wash and dry, too! I'm so delighted! God Bless you, Mr. Little!

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  • Excellent!, (Anonymous FL)

    I cheated on this pillow thinking there might be something better! Shame on me! If it's not broken why fix it right? There is nothing better out there! You might need a couple of days to get used to this type of pillow, but don't give up! My whole family uses this pillow because of me! You must use the pillowcase it comes with to allow the pillow,to form to your head, otherwise it will feel like you are sleeping on sand at the beach! I was excited to see pillowcases in grey now too!

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