Tony Little Destress Hypoallergenic Pillowcase 2-pack

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  • Tony Little Destress Hypoallergenic Pillowcase , (Ranay NY)

    These pillowcase coverings are must have. I was very happy to see that HSN still carried them.Highly recommend if you use the Tony Little pillows.

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  • Tony Little pillowcases , (mozell711 GA)

    Love my Tony Little pillows. Use them daily, and the pillowcases are perfect. Allows me to adjust as needed.

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  • So smooth, (harry22 NY)

    Have used the pillows and cases for 2 years or more, have also given them as gifts for my daughter and grandson everyone loves them, even my pup

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  • Bad zipper, (puddytat2 WI)

    I love these pillow cases, but the zipper is really hard to close after a couple of washings. And then it becomes impossible to close.The pillow cases are needed for the destress pillows which are the only ones I'll use. A better zipper that doesn't zip all the way down or closes easier would be helpful in the future.

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  • Great Pillows, Great Cases., (Cinfadel NE)

    These are nice feeling pillow cases, which match back to the wonderful Tony Little Pillows. My neck pain has nearly vanished with the use of these pillows. These cases are super smooth.

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  • Substandard Pillowcase Fabric / Zipper Failure, (LMNOP770 MI)

    The zipper quality being used for Tony Little pillowcases is low quality. They made better zippers during the 1960's for home ec classes! The fabric is not very durable or washer friendly either. The zippers on my first pair of cases went bad. And so, I tested these first by going back and forth. As suspected, one of the two zippers jammed and it could not be unstuck. I sent em back and bought organic jersey stretch from B_d Bath and B_yond. No zipper is really required!

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  • Frustrating, (Supeegirl CA)

    I would have given it five stars but the zipper is so ridiculously difficult to open and close- it gets stuck in the fabric and its extremely frustrating to work

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  • had to buy these!!, (BEN1011 OH)

    love the pillows but had to get new cases as the zippers on these are VERY FRAGILE...SO I've learned to handle the zippers very carefully!! other than that, a great pillow....just wish they'd make the zippers a little more sturdy!!

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  • Good and Bad, (spring432 PA)

    The 1st pair were defective I couldn't unzip them Customer service was great, sent me new pair2nd pair had dark smudges on them Smudges washed out Quality control was poor

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  • Pillow cases , (Kaddy7 NJ)

    I really like them

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  • Awesome pillows , (tbird04 TN)

    this is my second set and would not use any other kind. This it has a gusset where the first set did not and it is even more improved. Pillow cases are great for my hair and my face complexion. No allergies. The pillow moves with me. I will buy again

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  • Nice but needs a better zipper, (NJBuyer122 FL)

    I love the fabric, however only gave it 3 stars due to the zipper getting stuck into a position where you cannot slide down and had to throw away.

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  • love, (bunny785 KS)

    the fabric is nice and the pillow case does not sleep hot. It helps to sleep cool. Other fabric I find hair strands on my pillow case. This fabric is like silk and easy on the hair. This is my 3rd set of these. I also use in guest bedroom.

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  • as expected, (dfab NJ)

    so far so good. haven't washed them yet but they seem to be the same quality as previous orders.

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  • Finally, extra pillow cases, (satchie1500 FL)

    Love these pillow cases, they go on easy, wash great and are the finishing touch to my destress pillow. i am so happy that i can have extras.

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