Tony Little Core Lounge Extreme with Workout DVD

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  • Great chair, (wileyshopper TX)

    This core lounger is great. I needed to strengthen my core and I am using this everyday and I can tell a difference already. I also love the stretching of my back with this, as well as the workout on my knees. I had a knee replacement 5 months ago and have to do knee exercises and this works wonderfully for that.

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  • Love this!! , (Cheryl723 TN)

    The stretch and work outs on this are amazing!!

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  • OMG the results!, (PattyRay45 FL)

    At age 78 and dealing with low lumbar issues I ordered this thinking it would help. OMG!!!! I could feel relief the very next day. This chair is amazing and I'm not sure but I think this chair is the reason I lost 4lbs the first week using it. My core muscles are already stronger. I really recommend it.

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  • Love this equipment!, (Ardy1 AZ)

    I never write reviews but am writing this one because I love this item. I'm nearly 74 & needed something for my core. It was easy to put together (unlike some negative reviews have indicated) & I feel very safe using it!

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  • GREAT PIECE OF EQUIPMENT! , (Cheetahbaby6 OH)

    Just received my lounger a week ago...but have used it daily since...I know it's going to do the job it says on my abs...because already, I'm sore in those areas where it hits! After my workout and stretch...I just lounge (no pun intended) and watch my programs. This is a great piece of equipment!

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  • Literally saved my life!, (Brett-BMe WY)

    During a respiratory issue, the core lounger saved my life, as stretching on it opened my lungs so that I could breathe!

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  • love love, (9blessed- CT)

    love this it works

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  • Husband & Wife enjoying this product!, (yzshopper CA)

    Husband found this easy to assemble. Easy to adjust the leg length. Stable, sturdy quality & good price.Have it in the family room to lounge & exercise. Good stretch & core workout without straining back/neck. Haven't used the DVD yet. We are a retired couple, both 75 years YOUNG, enjoying the comfort, ease & benefits of this product.

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  • Core lounger, (Lita58 NJ)

    Love the core lounger but I just wish that he would put the work out on an app so you can download it onto your tablet instead of a DVD. I never felt better using the core lounger. I feel like I get a good workout with my abs

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  • It Works Great!, (HSNShopper62 TX)

    I have used this chair several times now and it works great! It took me a few minutes to understand how it went together, but I put it together myself. I probably will not fold it to put it away because you do have to unhook two straps and unscrew an adjustable screw. That isnt convenient for me. The first day I used it I thought it might not work well, but the second day showed me how well it did work..ouch - sore abs. Im 60 and this chair has been very easy for me to handle and use.

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  • Amazing Tony Little Core Lounge, (peanuts7 WA)

    We love this! It really gives the body a wonderful stretch as well as exercise the core... Feeling results already in firming my abs. You know it works when your husband (who doesn't like exercise) is using it too.

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  • lounge chair, (kath37 UT)

    I have lower lumbar scoliosis curvature of the spine and this is a God send; to be able to open up my spine and stretch feels so good ; I'm also feeling the tightening of my arms and core; legs too. Thanks Tony!

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  • Much easier than expected, (nuey5166teeka OR)

    At first glance I paniced at the instructions! I am an 81 year old female with little confidence at assembly instructions. was actually pretty put together already. I finally just looked at the picture of the chair, located the part I was holding and put it on that spot. It worked and I am happily crunching and stretching. I got this item to hopefully improve my posture as I find myself slumpimg quite a bit. Wish me luck..........

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  • Fabulous!, (Wanda980 CA)

    Love Tony's products. This was very easy to assemble. I have it in front of my TV, and I would rather sit in it and stretch my back and work my abs while watching TV than sit on the couch. Highly recommend. His Gazelle is amazing too. Very easy for those of us up there in years.

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  • Really enjoying this piece, (CTRonnie CT)

    This is a very cool piece of equipment. Have been using it for about 2 weeks now. I exercise regularly but often avoid the ab work that I should include in my work out because I hate getting on the floor for sit ups. Problem solved! This lounger makes my ab work so easy not to mention the great stretch I get on it at the end of the workout. Easy to put together. I highly recommend

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