Men's Stainless Steel White Dial Easy Reader Expansion Analog Watch

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  • You can't do better than Timex., (tom655 AL)

    When I went shopping for a new watch I came directly to HSN. I found the Timex watch that I wanted with the date and day. FlexPay was a big factor in my buying the watch. For me, Timex has been the brand of choice for decades. Thanks, HSN!

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  • Practical & basic., (melp48 IL)

    Watch is practical & basic. No unnecessary bells & whistles to malfunction. Keeps good time with basic features ... minute, hour, and, seconds hands, plus ... day & date. Very easy to read.

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  • Swag57, (Swagbro NY)

    Great watch! Fits nicely on my wrist and feels comfortable. I do not like extra large dials so this size looks great without feeling bulky. Easy to set date. Loved the color silver to go with my King Baby rings too. This is a nice looking practical watch. I wear it all the time.

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  • Excellent, (Joan205 AL)

    My husband had a watch like this but it broke. Have been looking for a replacement. He found this and the flex pmt made it affordable for his birthday. Thank you HSN.

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  • Unprofessional packaging, (TK2016 AL)

    The packaging of this watch was very unprofessional. I would not have thought something coming from HSN would come so tacky. It came in the package like i bought it from someone off the streets that had stolen it from like walmart. Like i bought the display. Price was still on the display and it was a cheaper price than what i paid HSN for it. Im so not satisfied.

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  • Not convenient...terrible watch, (fiesta FL)

    I ordered this watch and received it as usual. However the watch would not allow me to set the date. I needed to return but no return label or invoice in package. I called customer service and was advised that a label would be sent to me. I received the label, attached and mailed back. Two weeks later, I receive the same watch back, with a new label attached to the package, no documents or invoiceinside package. I again called customer service and this time I received a computer generated label, but no other document for information to what is being, why it's being returned and the label is for FedEx only. I again called customer service who advised that the watch was not from HSN but from the manufacturer and just to put the item in the package and return, without worrying about any other documentation...???...what??? No documentation? I asked to talk with a manage, who rudely informed me, that I would need to take to FedEx office and have them put the label into a plastic sle

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