Theanine 200

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  • Great Product, (RKHC HI)

    Mahalo, Andrew for this great product. I was pleasantly surprised that when I used Theanine before going to sleep, it reduced my stress and kept me clam. Since using it, I've never have slept better. Try it, you have nothing to lose except stress.

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  • Dr. Lessmans Supplements., (shinnyca WA)

    Hello, I have used Theanine a few times since I received it about 5 days ago. It almost works too good!It does exactly what Dr. Lessman said by helping me feel relaxed and calm. I felt less tension and stress also. I think I will take it at bedtime along with the Night Time supplement I also purchased to help me sleep. The Theanine relaxed me so much that I had a hard time being motivated to do anything and I wanted to go to bed and go to sleep. So far I love all the many supplements I bought.

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  • Changed my life, (hardtopleaseml NY)

    This product is incredible. Up late nights writing difficult material and its usually painful to keep focused - Not anymore! For me, it takes about an hr until I notice it is working.

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  • Very calming, (pickyone7 MO)

    This works for me. I'm 68 years old and have a heart defect so no more Xanax for me. Taking care of my 94 year old mom and homeschooling my 6 year old grandson is stressful so thought I would try this. I trust Andrew and he scored again.

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  • Did not work go us, (sabri FL)

    I took this after hopefully grant me restful sleep. both my husband and I could not sleep tonight we took it it had the opposite effect on us. Is there a special time for taking this?

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  • fantastic product, (clampet7 IL)

    so glad finally got my hands on this from Andrew. have been using another product for years. if you have been afraid of prescriptions products please try this your days will be far more pleasant. thank you Andrew, i was told by a physician years ago stay with good reputable brands and i feel i have

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  • My "Winder-Downer", (Magda579 NY)

    I take one in the evening as I wind down. I don't care for Green Tea so this is my source of Theanine.I trust Lessman products to be very high quality.

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  • It must work fast!, (Joanne48 NY)

    Id been taking this only days when I discovered a hack of my bank account of over $4000; OMG, a VERY stressful tailspin. When I finally spoke to a bank rep days after the breach, (after being unable to reach anyone sooner bc of Covid-19, more stress), she said more than once during the call that I sounded so calm. (She shouldve seen me the day before!). I guess I was handling it as best I could w/o realizing it, theanine may have helped. I sure needed it then and since. I take it daily now!

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  • Really Works, (foresthills FL)

    Another product I will purchase again.Andrew Lessman is beyond compare

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  • WOW... Amazing!!!!, (LightRed AL)

    You will notice a difference within an hour! This could easily replace my prescription meds for ADHD, anxiety, & panic attacks without the annoying side effects! I was amazed with how quickly this allowed my brain to focus without feeling jittery or increased heart palpitations & at the same time; I remained calm! LOVE this product & I also take easily over 20 more products that are life changing compared to other manufactured brands! LOVE YOU & HSN!!!

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  • life-changing!, (karena83 OH)

    I bought this for my adult son who has autism and had severe anxiety due to the pandemic and this has miraculously transformed his life. it helped give him an amazing calm ability to deal with his once racing thoughts and even worked almost immediately. this also helped my sister deal with her anxiety. She cannot believe the change! Ive bought hundreds of products from hsn and never wrote a review, but with the history of mental illness in my family,nothing has been more helpful!

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  • Zen. This is stresses antidote., (jennie4975 MI)

    This is a wonderful supplement. It takes the edge off of getting stressed out. I take this to reset a stressful day. Or sometimes it is my "go to" when I wake up with my mind racing at 3AM w/no hope of going back to sleep before the 515 alarm. No side effects for me. Namaste,. Andrew!

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  • Theanine, (Abbey4 VA)

    Purchased for my husband. He did not experience calm and focus but an opposite effect. Unfortunately, returning theanine.

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  • Reacts with blood pressure, (delynnc TX)

    I listened to all the video and presentations. I read all the reviews but it wasnt until I got the product I realized it can drop my blood pressure. Since I take blood pressure meds I am afraid to mix this. I rush this had been mentioned.

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  • Better than I anticipated, (VeeGee522 WA)

    I ordered these with some skepticism, but the price for 60 was low enough to order. I am surprised at how well they work. I have to be careful with some items, as I have heart problems and have had a bypass. So, anything with caffiene is a big no. So, I cautiously tried these, and what a sense of peace they give me. Very interesting, not a drugged sense, but just a peaceful, go about my day sense. This is a good thing, especially in today's times. Will buy again.

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