Theanine 200

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  • Be careful, (norie54 TX)

    So they work for sure but if you are n a prescribed medication for mood do not mix. Very bad results I should have read more before taking.

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  • Happy I tried it!, (Bruiser14 FL)

    Since my heart attack last August I seem to be more prone to panic/anxiety attacks. I was using a scrip for anxiety/panic and ran out. I saw this product and did some research online regarding Theanine. Theanine is supposed to help with anxiety/panic. I bought it, tried it and it helps me get thru the attack and helps me sleep at night. I was surprised that it works so well. Happy I tried it.

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  • Great reviews, (saleshopper143 NM)

    and I don't drink tea so am looking forward to using this when I travel to relieve the stress!

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  • very good vitamin and helpful, (ANGIE138 CA)

    i noticed since i start to take this vitamin was helpingme a lot thanks if I can order again I will do it

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  • Theanine, (black44 CA)

    These seem to relax me, I take them at bedtime and I'm very satisfied

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  • Absolutely top quality!, (Bobbys1968 TX)

    Bought 1 bottle for my mother-in-law and 1 for myself. We both take it for the "sleep" benefits. It works well.

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  • Not sure yet, (Wendyj1965 NC)

    I purchased theanine for the advertised calming effects. Something to help me calm down at night as I have trouble sleeping. Also to help me feel less anxious about everything in general. I've been taking it for several months and I'm just not sure if I really see any difference. I will continue to finish the bottle that I have. Not sure about recommending. By the way, I love Andrew Lessman and use about 10 of his product daily. Have used his products for 10 years or more. That says a lot.

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  • BaraVll, (BaraVll NC)

    I really like this. It helps to calm my legs and body so I can get a good night sleep. I recommend it.

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  • Doesn't work for me , (Buyer77 MI)

    Doesn't work for me and HSN advertised easy returns. Not so. Followed all instructions for printing a return label. DID NOT WORK.

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  • Focused , (NonnaD2 NY)

    I feel more focused and can handle stress better. I can see a difference if I dont take it for a few days. Needed this years ago but I am grateful to Andrew I have it now.

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  • Focus helper , (smooth27 FL)

    So happy that I gave this a try. It helps me when I feel anxious, getting ready to drive in traffic and also when I'm going to be in a social environment. It is calming and allows me to focus more. I use many of Andrew Lessman's products and they never upset my stomach.

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  • Love this!, (LadyCNY FL)

    My friend who is a physical therapist recommended this to calm me. Ive been taking it for a few months now, and have recommended it to others! I have head, leg and hand tremors, but when I take a few of them during the day, and before bedtime, I noticed that the tremors decrease. So, Im back to order more. Thank you Andrew Lessman!

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  • It calms me!, (WAStateDB WA)

    It seems the last six months brought something stressful each month for me. This was addition to the isolation of the COVID Pandemic. I noticed more anxiety feelings. I do drink a little iced coffee drinks, but mainly no more than once a day. I take one Theanine capsule once a day, usually in the late afternoon. It seems to reduce my negative thoughts and gives me a calming feeling. At least try it and if no change reduce your caffeine. You always can get a refund. Recommended!

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  • Mixed results, (Bobbys1968 TX)

    Bought the 60 capsule for my mother-in-law and 1 set for myself. My mother-in-law has had absolutely wonderful results. I haven't really noticed any difference.

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  • Loooove them, (babygirl322 NY)

    I habe trouble sleeping and I take one pill about an hour before bed. I'm finally sleeping through the night.

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