The JOY Hangers 60-piece Premiere Anti-Microbial Mega Hanger Set

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  • Best Hangers! Dont fall for knockoffs., (Magnoronomous OH)

    Ive used Joys hangers for many, many years. I dont know how it happened, but one time I purchased hangers that looked like Joys, but were not. These hangers flexed, could not hold heavier items such as coats, and the chrome hanger broke off on quite a few of them. What was I thinking? Purchase only Joy hangers, and youll never regret it.

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  • Excellent , (Legzee CA)

    I love these hangers and have converted my entire closet to them. Theyre thin and strong and clothes dont fall off them like plastic hangers.

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    I have always loved Joys hangers. I have used them for years but the last two orders they have been very flimsy and cheap clothes fall off you can barely hold a pair of jeans and it definitely will not hold a heavy cozy robe Im very disappointed she needs to correct this in her products!

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  • Lifesaver, (Hypnotic IL)

    I just love Joys hangers. My closet can hold a lot and its organized.

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  • Beautiful closet, (Soothing NY)

    I have so much of Joys Hanger,I have gotten so much extra space in my closet due these hanger,love them.

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  • Stability , (concord_girl CA)

    After hanging clothes, seemed pretty flimsy. It does make more room in closet.

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  • Worth the money!, (Ladyalvie TX)

    These hangers are awesome! They save room in our closets and I cut off those annoying shoulders "strings". Ordered a set for my husband.

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  • Great product, (KrazyDogLady GA)

    I probably have 300 of these Joy hangers. They're the best

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  • Love them, (billme CA)

    Love them

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  • Not the same, (Petfriendly IN)

    So disappointing in quality. Have purchased Joys huggable hangers in the past & LOVED them. The last 2 sets I have ordered the quality is no where near the same as the ones I ordered a few years ago. These latest hangers are flimsy, hooks not secure & fall off covering is sticky & very rough to the touch. Due to the cheaply made quality of the most recent set of hangers, I dont plan on ordering anymore. Joy & HSN please go back to the quality as in the beginning.

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  • So much room nothing falls off, (Hunyb AZ)

    Love these hangers. Made so much room in my closet and the clothes arent falling off. Also love the peace of mind that they are anti microbial. Thank you for offering such a wonderful product

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  • Huggable hangers, (myohmy1203 WA)

    I have several sets if these hangers and they never disappoint all items stay in place from tanks to silky soft items they are great for keeping my closet organized, stylish and they are not bulky like tge same amount of wind hangers would be.

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  • JOY Hangers, (lakelady51 LA)

    I have used Joy's Hangers before and love them. They take up so much less space in my closet. And my clothes do not fall off of them. This is my third set of hangers.

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  • Love Them, (CHRISTINEDB IN)

    OMG I love these hangers. This is my first purchase. I know I am late to this game, but they made my closet neater and I could hang more things on my hooks. Will buy more.

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  • I love these hangers, (pammie952 TN)

    I have more sets of Joy hangers than I have clothes because I don't ever want to be without them.They do everything and more that is demonstrated. Once you try these hangers you will never go back to plastic or wire hangers.

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