The Beauty Spy Neogen One Minute Wrinkle Perfection

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  • DISAPPOINTED, (Nellacat FL)


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  • Pretty good , (Javamomma4 TX)

    This product works pretty well, but not for eight hours. I would buy again, because I do like how well it works for about five or six hours, but auto- ship is delayed for months.

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  • just ok, (rick78414 VA)

    not too impressed.

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  • Disappoining, (marcyfay VA)

    Disappointing. U was vwey unimpressed. The host said I'd be excited and seeing the change, well, very wrong. I put it on and if anything I saw more wrinkles. I am 72 and still in good shape, have some beginning medium line in my jowel and along my eye brows.. Just made them more visiable . Not a product for me. Did nothing for bags. I returned after one try.

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  • No make up coverage, (Stumpsgirl864 OH)

    While I saw a small reduction in pores, I tried 2 different foundations and both were cakey when I put it on over the One Minute Miracle. Thats why I bought wear under my foundation which they claim you can! It went back!

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  • Neogen, (felicia2 KY)

    I am 62 exfoliate, micro needle, but have a few wrinkles, the Neogen did not take them away. I think you have to have creepy skin for the one minute thing to work. I returned it. But the ingredient deck is impressive. I may reorder this just for antiaging benefits. If they can keep it in stock.

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  • Its ok, (bertie13713 IL)

    Did leave some flaky residue. Took longer than one minute to dry thoroughly, more like five minutes plus. Will continue to use and try to perfect application.

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  • Did not work , (bonbon249 MI)

    I tried everything to get this product to work for me . Did not work for me. Is a good idea thou!

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  • Wrinkle smoother, (linda2028 CA)

    Been using this product for about a week. I cant see any difference but my boyfriend and others see it. It does leave a thin film thats lighter than my skin. It does give a slight glow and feels very soft on my face. Im not sure if Ill re order or not

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  • Not perfection?, (Shopper_5 NY)

    See no improvement with this itemGiving a few more days hoping to see better results or will be returning

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  • One Minute Wrinkle Perfection , (Baberuth245 NY)

    I been using it since I received it, I really dont see any difference in my wrinkles, I will continue to use it for a few more days, if I see no difference I will be returning it. Also you cannot use on your eyes, which I was surprised.

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    I've only had this product a little while. I'm still on the fence with this One Minute Miracle. I definitely don't get aftershave as shown on tv.

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  • Neogen isn't working!!, (Picky100 IL)

    I don't know why, this Neogen isn't working as they said it would! I will keep trying! I try not to move my Face for a minute?!?!?!

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  • TLJOK, (Magellan10 CA)

    When I first tried this product I was amazed. Lines and wrinkles gone. I also used it on my husband. Lines and wrinkles gone. It seemed to stay somewhat tacky and leave some white residue. I applied my face serum and moisturizer. I then tried to apply my liquid make with my foundation brush and what a nightmare. It would not spread. I am going to try it again and let it dry longer before I try to put on my serum, moisturizer and makeup. We will see.....

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  • Cracked look, (Lanorakp AZ)

    Not sure.. Followed instructions.. Even went back and watched the video.. Had to wash this and the essence off.. Something called up or looked cracked.. When I out make up on?? Zero wrinkles looked minimized.

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