The Beauty Spy Neogen AntiAger Facial Top Coat

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  • My Favorite Face Product!! , (Jazzy_Jazz CA)

    I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!! I have very sensitive skin and this product doesn't make me break out or anything. I also have a very sensitive nose, I Love the Smell! The Smell doesn't trigger my allergies. The cream is not oily, sticky, It's a Wonderful Cream. The only Disappointing thing with this cream is I wish that they bring this back and in the Big Size. Now that they're Sold Out I have to go find and use a different brand.

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  • Antiager, (chaplain366 AL)

    The cream is as smooth as they say . I have been using it for over a year now, it makes your skin shine and very soft.I love it!!!

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  • Very nice, (vyk CA)

    I have had good results with this product and other products from this brand. I was finally able to place my order in time to get it before sell out.

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  • LUXURY in a jar, (Bentley2016 NJ)

    So soft/silky and my skin looks great

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  • Game Changer, (tammy107 MO)

    You will see results immediately Works wonderfully well Much smoother, Bright, less saggy You look happy Amen

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  • Nice, (briddy59 WI)

    Again, haven't used yet.

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  • Nice Change, (CAJUNGIRL256 LA)

    This is not a cream. It is truly a balm which can be applied sparingly at night. It gives a supple feel to the skin and after 2 weeks of daily use at night, I have seen an improvement in my skin texture. Ample supply should last a while.

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  • Fantastic Product, (AZBAILEY AZ)

    I have tried hundreds of face creams and without fail I ended up with a break-out, but not with this one. It does everything in the video that was said about it. I live in AZ and was fighting with dry skin and breakouts constantly. This has really changed the dry, wrinkly looking areas on my face.

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  • Amazing!, (IHeartBend OR)

    Non-greasy balm. Apply the tiniest amount by tapping it on your face rather than smearing. Amazingly smooth skin. Definitely 5 star.

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  • Wonderful Cream That Leaves a Glow, (elegant16 NY)

    This is subtle yet profound - it leavesmy skin smoother and clearer witha slight glow- it feels very good andhealing as it is more like a gel-The Beauty Spy products are reallyeffective and make a difference right away - good for mental health!

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  • Big Fan now, (tbones AK)

    Loving every time a new product comes out from Korea! Its fabulous. Works beautifully on my medium skin tone. Looks very diff in this way, adds a hint of pinkish tint n covers dulled skin tone. In love

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  • Desert Island product, (FashionForward CO)

    This is AMAZING!!! I use this in the morning and at night. In the morning it adds a nice top coat to my serums and a great base coat for my foundation. It sounds like the people that wrote the bad reviews used too much product. A little goes a long way. I just ordered another so that I do not run out.

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  • My skin feels so great!, (DImlay UT)

    I started using this product about a week ago. It's now Nov. in Utah and the air is very dry. I tend to get dry skin around my nose and this has helped that 100%. It's so rich and creamy. It's like velvet on your skin. I am so glad I ordered this. I have ordered a lot of face products from HSN and this is by far my FAVE!

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  • IT REALLY WORKS!!!, (Fooney AZ)

    Yes, it is thick, BUT I used it with the Base Coat overnight - just one time and I woke up with my skin looking A LOT better. Not everybody's skin and body chemistry is the same, but for me, this is the best stuff I have used and I spent a LOT of money on more expensive products. I sure hope HSN gets it back in stock soon. Please HSN - offer this on auto-ship.

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  • Fantastic Product, (Scoob11 MS)

    This is a fantastic product and works exactly as advertised. I will be purchasing it again.

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