The Beauty Spy 3-pack Red Brow Blades/Facial Hair Trimmers

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  • Shaver, (Ielu AZ)

    Not impressed

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  • Just OK, (Whim CA)

    These are rather nasty. They have a metal piece on one side that I guess acts like a razor. I cut my face in two places the first time I used it. If you don't get the angle just right, you get cut. Not very easy to use.

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  • SO-SO, (KHG VA)

    Handy size but ther are better options available

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  • Not as good as I hoped, (Susiemarie2835 FL)

    Was looking forward to trying them. With user error you can get cut

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  • Not impressed, (Bellagirl217 NV)

    Received the Brow Blades and wasn't impressed. The first one I used was a dull blade and didn't work. The second one I used worked but also knicked my skin in several places. Really these are good for a one, two time use. For the price I wouldn't purchase again.

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  • Useless, (ROCKY0305 NY)

    It does not work !

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  • Not as easy to use as advertised , (PattyW18 AL)

    These facial hair trimmers were not as easy to use as advertised and demonstrated on HSN. They are incredibly sharp and no matter how careful I tried to be, I cut myself. Also, it wasnt effective on thicker hair like the sideburns. I feel this product is best handled by professionals.

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  • not so much, (mimi921 NY)

    meh... i get better results with my electric razor.......

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  • not sharp, (booinpa PA)

    these took forever to shave my hair compared to a cheaper brand that one or two swipes worked much better. these are expensive and cute but they are being returned. waste of money;

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  • One out of 3 was damaged, (SLarson7 MN)

    One out of the 3 didn't even have a blade...just the plastic case. Not worth packaging it up and exchanging. The other 2 seem to work pretty well on my arms.

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  • Nope!, (KeiferW KY)

    Not very smooth to use. Doesnt seem to really remove facial hair very well.

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  • Wont buy anymore beauty spy products, (JEANNIE23 FL)

    Im tired of buying beauty spy products that are no good. This little item doesnt shave off the hairs as good as they showed it on Amys show. It also hurts when I try to shave off the facial hairs. Thumbs down on this item

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  • Waste of money, (MISSFUNNYFACE MA)

    These don't work at all.Tried on brows don't cut eyebrows at all waste of money

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  • Not for Me, (Gouffe MD)

    This didn't remove most stray eyebrow hairs. And, it did little if anything to exfoliate or remove any hairs on the remainder of my face and forehead. I will be returning, unless it is cost prohibitive.

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  • rough and overpriced, (SDONNER TX)

    HSN used to sell a brand that was much much better and cheaper - check amazon and find something less abrasive

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