The Beauty Spy 3-pack Red Brow Blades/Facial Hair Trimmers

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  • did not work, (chicklet1963 AZ)

    it did scratch me causing a small amount of bleeding. it was not worth it.

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  • Abrasive Hair Trimmer, (JenK75915 NY)

    I ordered these and found them to be extremely abrasive. Irritated my skin. I returned them.

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  • Disappointed , (karatekicks VA)

    Deceptive demonstrations: NEITHER facial fuzz nor hairs removed as demonstrated on TV. Very dull bladeDefinitely will not recommend

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  • seriously?, (beachpaldog FL)

    At 70+ I've been using facial hair removers for a substantial time. I had hoped that these would prevent the need for batteries. But, seriously, these aren't anything like what was represented. Small pieces of stiff plastic with a tiny metal comb. Maybe okay for eyebrows...I think tweezers would be easier...but definitely not face. Couldn't even get the peach fuzz off. Returned. PopSonic works way better.

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  • Save Your Money, (Peachykeen158 VA)

    Normally love Beauty Spy products, but this facial hair trimmer is a dud. Have returned.

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    Thank God I didn't use a great deal of pressure when using this piece of junk!I applied only a small of pressure to my neck when using this "thing". Well, much to my dismay, I was cut!!! Can you imagine what would have happened if I used a bit more pressure?? In fact, I was so light handed using this "thing", the hair wasn't removed!!!!I'D SAY, 'BEWARE OF THIS PRODUCT IT'S MADE OF EXTREMELY CHEAP JUNKY PLASTIC AND IT LITERALLY BROKE INTO THREE PIECES AFTER IT CUT MY NECK!!!!!!! IT'S JUNK!

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  • Losing trust in Beauty Spy products, (Iloveshoes887 KY)

    This is the second batch of beauty spy items I am boxing up to return.The moisturizing lipstick broke to the side because it's melted, these do not work properly yes there's better products out there for Less Price and the Marimo products are a no for me too. Not happy with beauty spy and the hype. Free shipping is what I would say hooked me but definitely not worth it when I have to return them.

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  • Does not work, (dlrst NY)

    This product is a rip off. It did nothing but irritate my skin. It did not remove even 1 hair. Do not buy!

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    I followed directions exactly, studied the demo videos....nothing came off ! Nothing ! I am so disappointed. Can't return it because I no longer have the packaging, so I am throwing it away.

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  • Don't work well, (Cookie0134 WI)

    Don't like these. They can't get the coarse hair on my face. A razor works better. Would return, but you have to pay shipping. Free shipping on exchanges...what's to exchange?

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  • Geangirl, (gwoman GA)

    Junk Junk..they broke as soon as you attempted to use them. I will return them.

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  • Dangerous, (Jennifer6613 MA)

    Used on fine hair on toes. Applied light pressure, bled like crazy. Used on face. Scratchy, red, irritated. Be careful of blade and how much pressure you apply. Not safe in my experience.

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  • Not good., (Junelady8 MA)

    This product scratches the heck out of your face. It cut my lip. Not happy with this at all.

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  • Shaving your face?, (SFChick CA)

    Really, what is the difference between this and a razor? How can they claim the hair won't grow back coarser? I would consider using this in a very narrow area near the "sideburns", but anywhere, else you are just shaving your face. No thanks.

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  • Not what I hoped for, (70gal NY)

    I had high hopes for this item, but I am disappointed. I have quite a bit of experience with a facial razor and this one doesnt delivered, even though I have attempted to use it twice. Sorry, I wouldn't recommend.

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