The Beauty Spy 3-pack Red Brow Blades/Facial Hair Trimmers

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  • It works well, (harmony123 MN)

    Easy and effective....thanks.

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  • These work!, (potatochips PA)

    I dermaplane on a biweekly basis. Sometimes I go to the spa and sometimes I use a dermaplane tool at home. It can get pricey but the results made me feel like it was worth it. I was watching Amy's wednesday beauty show and saw these presented with Chelsea. I was intrigued and decided it was worth the small investment to give it a try. I literally just got my box, opened it and pulled one of these out and immediately tested it on my arm and then did my entire face and wow! So happy. Works great.

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  • Love the shape!, (Aunt_Tuck VA)

    This trimmer was an improvement over the many others I have tried. The control you have with the unique shape made it easier to control. I have used it twice and I feel like it was great for fine hairs and more importantly, the exfoliation. I do wish I could buy replacement blades on HSN.

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  • They are Okay, (MBILLS53 IN)

    They did perform as on TV, but did irritate my skin just a little.

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  • 6 piece set, (Honestreview12 AZ)

    The item was back ordered but showed up ahead of time & a sale price. I use these, as I have very thin, sensitive skin & fine hair on face & arms. Little old lady doesn't need much. They last a long time & I really don't want to run a razor over anything as these don't nick my thin skin. I would say if you have very thick hair, you might not find these what you need, but they are perfect for me & for fine or facial hair.

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  • Not Bad, (Sunshine1776 WA)

    I wasn't sure about this product; but I thought I would give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it took away the peach fuzz and tackled that stray black hair that keeps popping up on my chin. Bad part of the product is I destroyed the first one I used; thankfully there were two more in the box. So, I would like to see it a little bit more durable; other than that, I give it a thumbs up.

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  • Works well, (MJonsey NJ)

    Removes hair. Does not scratch your face if you follow instructions. I would recommend it . Also good for the nape of neck hairline.

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  • I like it, (chrissy3333 MI)

    The cleaner itself works well. I especially like it on my stainless steel. The trigger sprayer however is a throwaway. The very first bottle had spray issues. At this point it stopped working altogether. I appreciate sprayers that actually work. Come on charge a couple extra Pennie's and provide a quality sprayer.

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  • Nicely made, (Dlove12 WA)

    I love these dont hike the price tho!!

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  • Hope they'll be ok, (Susiemarie2835 FL)

    I usually use finishing touch but I saw these and wanted to give them a try. So far they don't do what the hosts say they do. I've watched the video a couple of times to see what I'm doing wrong, I'm going to chalk it up to user error. If I can't get the hang if it I'll just toss them.

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  • gets dull quickly, (gwethie TN)

    Used a few times to trim sideburns but now dull and will not cut anything. Not worth the price, can get better at Dollar Tree.

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  • So-so product, (Bonnie600 MA)

    Didn't get as smooth as a result I thought I would have. Will keep using to see if repeat is effective. Will not recommend.

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  • ok but not for everyone, (Pattye128 MD)

    There are better on the market.

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  • Just OK, (PleasantDay1 CO)

    These did not work as well as I had hoped. JUST OK

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  • Works ok , (hollyhock12 IN)

    Works okay. Not as well as on the program.

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