TCL Alcatel My Flip 2 A406DL Tracfone with 1200 Min/Text/Data

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  • TCL Alcatel My Flip 2 A406DL, (Cptr GA)

    I wanted a small flip phone for a business phone number. Size is small. Phone is sturdy with good display. Like the ability to see time and date without opening the phone. Battery life could be better but charges quickly. Main screen and front phone screen notify you when you receive calls or text messages. Would recommend.

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    I bought this for my brother in law who is 84 and just wants a phone when he travels. Very easy to set up and I had no problems. He can put it in his pocket unlike the larger phones and it is easy for him to handle.

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    This is the perfect phone for my elderly father. My Dad is 83 years old and has a very difficult time figuring out the other phones. This one is perfect for him!!! He doesn't use text or internet. All he wants is the ability to talk on the phone for little cost. This fits easily into his pocket and I purchased him a monthly unlimited plan with Tracfone for $15 per month. No additional fees, no contract and the coverage is awesome!!!!

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  • Good backup phone, (mike526 NY)

    Bought this phone for a backup for my smartphone. Could not pass up this deal had a 10.00 discount plus the minutes that were part of the deal. Battery lasts a long time and very compact. Keep it in my car for a second backup. Would recommend this phone.

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  • Hidden Gem, (happyhappy73 AZ)

    This flip phone is wonderful. It literally just took minutes to activate and set the features that interested me. It is a great addition to have as a back up phone or any other purpose. The sound is crystal clear, buttons large enough to see and extra features not included in the old flip phone of yore. Love. Love. Love the emergency button on the phone that can be used without opening the phone itself. Just three pushes of the button and help of your choice is immediately notified. Thanks HSN.

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  • Alcatel flip tracfone, (Lisa919397 MD)

    It was easy to transfer my phone number from an old tracfone. I love the charger that comes with it! Takes a little bit of time to get everything set up. All minutes and data are included as stated. Pictures are small and zoom in 3 times. I buy for the text and phone call so it depends on your needs.

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  • Flip phones are cool, (tornado798 TX)

    Does everything it was advertised to do. Had a flip phone in the very beginning. Did not like the new flat phones that were too bulky to carry around. This one you can put in your pocket. Only need it for calls. Great price. Glad triple minutes are back.

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  • good/BUT!, (redwine FL)

    ok so I am a fan of tracfone/straight talk phones. this phone was super easy to set up and voice quality was very good. took abt 5 minutes to set up using my other cell phone and calling 800 number, kudos tracfone! my problem is that no one gets that people that want a flip phone usually dont want all the extras that this phone has. it is confusing and unnecessary! hey, make a flip phone that is a dumb phone for people that dont want a smart phone. I dont want google assist and ectgood value

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  • Good for the Money, (Otselic NY)

    I like how small it is when folded up, goes into a small Faux Leather Cell phone Case that I bought at Dollar Tree for a Dollar really nice. Simple to operate if making calls , checking messages , taking pictures , but a real pain to send Text Messages to others. Not good for people who text a lot. I just have the Phone for Emergencies , occasional calls and a text here and there. After a few months some of the Pixels got distorted and now there's a damaged screen. OK for Money , simple/small.

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  • Not easy to use., (Qanon GA)

    Have to fumble through too much nonsense to get to airplane mode and vibrate mode. Not user friendly at all. Can not even find speaker. Also the battery dies in one day not even being used. I no like.

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  • LESS THAN 1 STAR -Returning this phone, (Leadville_Lil AZ)

    Terrible Phone. I spent over two hours on the phone with two different people trying to get the phone to operate properly and the phone doesn't work. 1st I couldn't call out, 2nd could not receive calls. I will not spend more time on the phone trying to get it to work.

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  • Difficult for No Reason, (MrsTinCT CT)

    Quite Disappointed with this phone, way more difficult than it should be to do even the simplest itemsDidn't want a Smartphone just wanted a simple cell to make calls & calendar a few pictures on occasion - TracFone customer service was horrible but HSN sent the cell quickly & had a better deal than the big box stores & the car charger & battery for the purse was nice - this is our emergency cell so we should be good for the year with the 1200 mins if the power goes out & we need to call out

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  • Couldnt activate , (cathie53 OH)

    Dont buy has a program I couldnt get to wrk!

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  • Don't bother, (MariahsChubbs VA)

    Difficult to use. Texting is like back in the day. Phone would not hold a charge. Waste of money

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  • Could not get Network to work for me., (nsh1956 WI)

    I consider myself the Queen of Tracfones and I have multiple family members on my account. I am on my 3rd night of trying to get this phone to work. I have never experienced this before where you cannot get a network to show up on the phone. Waiting for another call back. I am thinking I will have to return the phone. It has to be this phone. I love buying Tracfones thru HSN. Very disappointed... Keeping my fingers crossed...

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