TCL A3 Tracfone Bundle with 1500 Min/Text/Data

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  • Decent Phone For The Price , (Gemsroadwarrior NC)

    This is not a bad phone for the price, especially with the minutes and texts. Biggest disappointment is the include headphones only last about 20-30 minutes on a charge. But, what can you expect at this price!

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  • Bought as donation, (dodee2 AZ)

    I bought two of these phones to use as donations to people with no phones. They looked fine to me and hope whomever gets the two phones likes them and gets good service. But, I do have and used several other Tracfones from HSN.

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  • Bargain smart phone with earbuds, (Bruna_Mateo OK)

    It is best to activate with the Tracfone app and not call customer service. There is Tracfone online also for an account of multiple phones and lines. It activates almost instantly. Just a few minutes and they verify by text what you receive. Minutes text data expiration date. Serial numbers are stored in the handset of the phone details section.

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  • Ok phone good service plan deal, (paracelsus NE)

    For the price, this phone is fine. It's no frills, but I don't need them for a backup phone. It does what I need it to do and the phone set up was no issue. However, tracfone set up is a royal pain. I want the same number and leftover minutes from last year moved over. I still don't have the right phone number, right number of minutes/texts for even this year, and I am three very long phone calls into the process. They were to call me back, but that will never happen.

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  • About the phone., (Redfox2424 KY)

    Not much of a phone.Not happy at all.

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