TCL A3 Tracfone Bundle with 1500 Min/Text/Data

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  • Tracfone Con, (Mikeb7 DE)

    The phone from HSN works well. The con is the 1500 minutes. No satisfaction from Tracfone to calls. No response from HSN to request for a call. I'm stuck Stay away from the 1500 minutes.

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  • couldn't activate, (BLUEONE PA)

    received this phone in march. I tried to activate today and was told that this phone is not supported by tracfone.nuts!! verizon is parent company and isn't supporting this version anymore.

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  • Terrible battery , (yazz76 FL)

    Charged it for the first time. When I plugged in the charger it read slow charging, and stated it would take 1 day, and 14 hours to completely charge. Ive never seen anything like that in all the years Ive had tracfone. Phones slow compared to other phones.

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  • No good, (lenx669 NC)

    1. Slippery, no case included.2. VERY bad: Battery less than one day, have to charge it everyday for over two hours. Bleah

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  • will not keep a charge!!~, (Ernieray TX)

    Bought this for my husband and he hates it!!! Had for over 6 months and must buy him another brand of phone! This TCL A3 will not hold a charge! It must be charged daily even when he's not using it . We have removed all apps/extras and it runs down completely each day.

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  • Real Time Text (RTT) Awful Phone (TCL A3 A509DL), (CopyCat10 DC)

    The Real Time Text (RTT) accessibility "option" will not turn off on this TCL phone. This is a ridiculous flaw. All I want to do is have a VOICE phone conversation without the keyboard popping up and losing sound. It also just sends the RTT request out automatically and messes up iphone users settings.

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  • Worst tracfone ever., (RonGood PA)

    I have been using tracfone since the 90's, I've had great phones and not so great. This TLC, is the most horrible smartphone I ever have used. After 2 days if dropping calls and lost text messages, I went through the aggravation of calling customer service and switching back to my old phone. I own TCL tvs and love them, apparently the quality of their phones are no where near.

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  • No minutes or data! - CHEATED, (Picklegator AL)

    I am a tracfone customer and usually when you activate a phone with included minutes it adds to your pool of minutes. This is NOT what happened. I didnt receive the 1500 minutes at all. It just extended me for 1 year. I also didnt receive any data. This is NOT acceptable and there is no way to return it because you activated it. So ABSOLUTELY NOT a good deal at all. As for the phone, its ok for phone use but constantly drops Wi-Fi even when youre standing right next to router. NO, NO, NO

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  • Not Happy At All, (NotComplainin CA)

    I purchased this phone as a secondary phone about a month ago. It came with 1500 minutes with an expiration date of 01/23/24. So that is a year right? The minutes available on Tracfone website state there are 0 minutes left. The phone was working and I was making calls, and now it's not working. I have purchased prepaid phones in the past and have been very happy but this is a rip off.

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  • A Super Bumpy Ride with Existing Tracfone Customer, (HelpfulTips2023 TX)

    1st time phone came without sim. 2nd time bundle arrive complete, but activation the phone and keep my existing tracfone number does not give you 365 days extension, also no text/no data, only 1500 min. And you cannot return because the new TCL and sim have your account. You got stucked!

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  • Broken products, (Googoo1959 NY)

    Ordered 2 phones. But the ear buds that came with the phone are broken. I am thinking to return the whole packages. Very disappointed.

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  • Broken Earbuds, (bexster418 TX)

    Received new phone with earbuds and the earbuds do not work. I called HSN and they sent me to Tracfone to replace , Then i called TracFone and they sent me back to HSN, and still do not have working earbuds. Not very happy the service i have received from either company .

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  • Bad battery, (kyra514 PA)

    I ordered this in November 2022 but just activated this in the middle of January 2023. Too late to return. This is only used as an emergency phone for my kids. 1 text a day if that and not even one 5 minute phone call a week. The battery dies so fast. My last phone needed charged every few days. This phone needs charged daily with no use or its dead the next day. I would not purchase this again.

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  • Unsatisfied, (Sardonicus CA)

    I didn't receive red cards for processing the initial activation, and after being on the line with tracfone for 1.5 hours i still was unable to activate the phone. Frustrating, so i returned the phones and had to pay for the return...

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  • Incorrect IMEI, (Ebbie192 WV)

    I purchased two of these phones and it has been a challenge, to get them activated. I have several tracfones and purchased these, not for the phone, but for the minutes and year of service.After no progress, trying to activate on the app, I called Tracfone, with no luck.Finally, I decided to check the phone for the IMEI number and found the number on the red cards was wrong on both phones! Ive made HSN aware. Check the number if youre having a problem activating.

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