TCL A3 Tracfone Bundle with 1500 Min/Text/Data

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  • NIce Smaller-Sized Phone!!, (LisaPizza7 NV)

    I wanted a smartphone that would fit in my pocket or small purse with a sufficient amount of memory at a GR8 price and THIS IS IT!! Very easy to activate as I wanted a new number. Been buying Tracfone for over 5 years and I'm always very, very satisfied! NEVER a problem with activation, even when I'm keeping the same number and transferring the info and minutes to the new phone!! Just take it step by step and BAM! it's done, no hassle!!

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  • Solution for battery issue, (savyshopperNE MA)

    Price is right and you get what you pay for and a little more (my free ear buds were duds- oh well) Almost gave a negative review due to poor battery life. I researched this model and discovered that it uses a battery intensive option called wifi calling. This feature is optional and if you live in an area with good reception, isn't really needed - so if you find your battery is quickly drained, go into settings and deactivate wifi calling. My battery now lasts a day or two with moderate use.

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  • Tracfone, (goshenmike IN)

    Bought as back up phone for my son

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  • TCL A3 Tracfone Bundle with 1500 Min/Text/Data, (LoriNowo NY)

    The phone works great. I called Tracfone support at 1-800-867-7183 and they walked me through the setup. All minutes and texts from the old phone were transferred without an issue. Great phone for the price. Not sure what all the negative reviews are about but I think it was more they didn't know what they were doing than there being an issue with the phone.

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  • TCL A3 Tracfone, (bobbeee CA)

    was gift. great price. first phone for grandchild.

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  • Great basic phone, (Lonii FL)

    Works great as a spare phone if you just want basic texts, phone calls and some internet. Camera works well too. Nothing difficult just like a flip style phone. Fast easy set up.

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  • Love it, (BSuper4 OH)

    Love this little phone it's fast compact and all that ones need for a second phone.

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  • Great deal, (homeshopper551 MA)

    Great deal,arrived fast,activated easily and quickly, great deal for a whole year of service, came packed nice included wall and car charger,and free ear buds! For the price I bought a second for my husband. I reccomend it if you don't need a super fancy phone its very nice for a good price.

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  • People must be super picky, (cathyk14 FL)

    Yes, no case. Yes, no cord. But people. It's $49 - and that includes the darn plan. LOL I have tons of cords. The back cover is pretty strong, so not getting a case. For a second phone, this is perfect. Nice and small. Has everything I need for a second phone, but if I was an Android person, would not hesitate to purchase as a primary phone. Thank you HSN once again for providing extra phones at unbeatable prices - with no bill!

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  • Tracfoner, (HSNopper MN)

    Best Tracfone Ive had in a while. Best price Ive paid yet (10th year with Tracfone & HSN). Has a slow blinking led to notify you with a quick glance of a message or call, havent had this feature in several years. I do only use for phone calls & text. Couldnt activate through the app, had to call. That was a bit of difficulty being as the operator seemed to be a foreigner located in a far off land. In the end all worked out, Min/Text/Data bundle rolled over. Hope its available next year.

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  • TCL-A3, (greenfinpopfish GA)

    TCL-A3: Came out in Oct. 2021. Fast response for a $40.00 phone. Took me a minute to get used to the smaller 5.5" screen, but for the price you can't beat it. The camera is not impressive at all. Pictures are not bright and clear. If you need a good camera, this is not the one. But the calls are clear and everything else seems to work OK. Great phone for the beginner or someone who wants to save money and doesn't need all those frills. 5-STARS

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  • Basic Smartphone, (Miner_Ben AZ)

    I bought this as a second phone because of the price. I've used Tracfones for four years. This one was more difficult to activate. Doing it online didn't work, so I called tracfone and that got it going. I've used it to call and text and with wifi and that all works fine. Calls are clear. It's smaller than what I am used to but I knew that going in. I haven't tried the included earbuds yet but I got the same earbuds previously and they work fine. Very happy with this purchase.

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  • IT WORKS, (endahkimball OR)

    It phone works. You can call Tracfone and have them to help you to activate the phone. Don't forget to provide the activation numbers. It takes 2 minutes the most. You can find the numbers at bottom of the clear Plastic box. It says SCAN BARCODE BELOW FOR ACTIVATION. There 18 digits.

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    This is a great deal and decent phone considering the whole package. The earbuds were DOA. Won't charge or do anything. Would much rather had a soft grip cover or ANY cover rather than dead earbuds.

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  • Nice phone for the price., (CaroleWI WI)

    I'm not one for the bigger screens that are almost the size of a small tablet now, so this is a nice phone at a more manageable size for me. I had a little trouble activating this phone, but called TracFone cust service and they were great. Pushed it through their system and even scheduled a call back for a few hours later to ensure everything was working ok. Only four stars because the camera isn't the best and I wish it had come with a case.

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