TAO Super Clean Sonic Toothbrush with Base and 5 Heads

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  • TAO Super Clean Sonic Toothbrush, (llp5858 MI)

    Love this product, my teeth feel cleaner and they look brighter. I like the design of the base unit, it looks nice on the bathroom counter. Very happy with my purchase. Would recommend it to my friends and family.

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  • Great sonic brush, (Kfried WA)

    I like the built in cleaning system enjoy using this brush.

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  • Great toothbrush , (GraceFlower VA)

    Works great!

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  • WOW! Where has this been all my LIFE!, (nsmith03 ND)

    This toothbrush is awesome! Super easy to use and keeps my teeth feeling shiny little pearls. I love the self-cleaning feature, sleek design, and its WATERPROOF for the shower unlike competing brands. 5 STARS... two thumbs up... very happy!!!

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  • Great purchase, (J-P-R NY)

    The rose gold is a perfect addition to my vanity. This toothbrush is great. So easy to set up and get using. The brush heads are not too hard, and leave your teeth feeling very clean.

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  • Love it, love it!, (ysmenia_b FL)

    I'm not used to write review, but this toothbrush is simply amazing. It's beautiful, sleek, it clean itself, and is super powerful. It feels like you went to the dentist after brushing!! Highly recommended, super great price and 5 extra brushes!!!

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  • So far its good, (Janell22 TN)

    So far my daughter has only used this for a day but she lives it. She couldnt wait to use it again. I will come back and review it at a later time after she has been using it for a bit.

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  • YAASSSS, (Kateland OR)

    This toothbrush is simply phenom. As a minimalist, I love how sleek it looks on the shelf. As a germaphobe, I love how clean it keeps my brush head. And as an odontophiliac, I love how good this makes my teeth look!One of the best additions to my bathroom and.........ever!

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  • Very happy with this!, (mugga156 NJ)

    This does an excellent job--my teeth feel as clean as after a professional cleaning. I love that the brush stays enclosed and CLEAN between brushings. The unit even dries the brush! Highly recommend.

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  • Great product, (emm7 AZ)

    This toothbrush leaves my teeth feeling so clean. Its simple and easy to use. Its powerful but doesnt cause any sensitivities. I love that it sanitizes the brush in between uses. I would definitely recommend for anyone looking for an electric toothbrush. My teeth have never felt or looked better. This would make a great gift!

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  • Game Changer, (mholmes7788 AZ)

    Ive tried all the conventional and electric toothbrushes and NONE of them worked like the TAO Super Clean. My own grandmother didnt even recognize me last week because my teeth were so pearly white. Great value for the brush heads included and it does a fantastic job. I love that it self cleans and the rose gold looks great in my bathroom. I definitely recommend!

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  • Great toothbrush, (nickola5 CA)

    Have been using the TAO Sonic Toothbrush for a week now and really love it. Favorite part is the larger brush head which you don't typically get with other products. Really like the self cleaning feature too.

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  • amazing, (amnovak MN)

    I love this toothbrush, the self cleaning, different speeds and extra 5 cleaning heads are wonderful.

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  • Can you be in love with a toothbrush?, (SamanthaG15 AZ)

    I've been looking for a new electric toothbrush for a while now and I am so happy I came across this product. Not only does it look pretty sitting on my counter (I love the rose gold!), but it's honestly my favorite toothbrush I've ever used. I'm somewhat of a freak when it comes to taking care of my teeth and this absolutely gets the job done. It leaves my mouth feeling so clean. I also love the self cleaning aspect of this brush because it feels like new every time! I'd definitely recommend.

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  • Great toothbrush! , (mikaylarohn MI)

    This toothbrush is perfect! The self cleaning holder makes it feel like a brand new toothbrush every time I use it. It has a great amount of power and does an excellent job making my teeth look and feel clean. I highly recommend this toothbrush! It would make for a perfect gift too!

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