TanTowel® 15-pack Face Self-Tanning Towelettes

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  • Tan towels, (muni921 FL)

    I purchased them for my face before applying makeup. I like the color and glow. Have been using them for a while.

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  • Gotta get that tan, (mclark65 MO)

    Love it. No streaks no orange tones. Perfect tan in the winter.

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  • Face Self-Tanning Towelettes , (peekaboo73099 OK)

    I love this face towelettes. I have quit using liquid foundation.

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  • My summer tan!, (dano8 FL)

    I've been using tan towels for years. A couple of visits to dermatologist for skin cancer removal made these even more desirable. Easy to apply and convenient.

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  • Natural looking tan in minutes!, (stinkydogmom FL)

    Living in FL, we've learned to use high SPF products. This is so easy to use & looks perfectly natural & even in just minutes - I always get lots of compliments on my tan. Usually lasts a few days.

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    I have only used the tan towel twice, but they do make a difference. I am fair so this gives me just enough color to look healthy.

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  • Creates a Realistic Tan, (southernlights55 IL)

    This is one of my favorite brands for a fake tan. I cut the pad in half and store the other half back in the package. I fold down the package and clip with a paper clip so the pad doesn't dry out until I can use it the next day. I am able to get 30 applications instead of 15. I wear disposable gloves to prevent my hands from staining. Creates a realistic tan and gives my face a healthy glow.

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  • Tan Towels very nice and easy, (CALU NJ)

    Very good, the color is fantastic.

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  • For a natural Glow, (onlymermaid NY)

    What can you say about this product we don't know. This is my third order.It is a great product. I am somewhat allergic to SPF ingredients. Also, this is a light scent, if any.We don't know what a company likes for a review. Some of mine were not published. We have limited time for these things, but I appreciate the reviews I read. I will always be honest, but sometimes I just won't go into much detail. This TAN TOWEL product is one of the best on the market IMHO.

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  • Love them!, (JaniceHardy MO)

    First time using this product.. also bought the tan towels for body and the lotion. I've tried a lot of self tanners and I'll come back to these. No mess..quick..nice subtle color..I have recommended these to all my friends who want to have a tan

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  • Love love love them !!, (sur68 SC)

    Love them -,easy to apply - no streaking!!

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  • Beautiful even tan, (Anonymous WI)

    I haven't ordered TanTowels in a long time but finally re-ordered. They are as wonderful as ever: dry fast, beautiful/non-orange tan that never stains clothing! Drys fast and towelette can be reused twice by enclosing in the packet for an even darker tan. Makes my legs beautiful for early summer!

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  • Love this product, (iriss FL)

    All of Tan Towel's products give me a glow!

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  • Tan towels , (Oceana73 OR)

    Tan towels are the ONLY choice for self tanning. Easy and works every, single time.

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  • Best tanning product out there -hands down!, (pgm58cal CA)

    I am a California girl in my 50s . I have tried many products. This is the best- no mess, smell, streaks. Works on all skin types.

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