Tan-Luxe Hydra Mousse with Mitt

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  • Fades in blotches & stained sheets/clothes, (JLSB8641 FL)

    PROS:The product is easy to apply and produced an even colored tan in about 4 hoursCONS: Does not wear off evenly (blotchy) and it stained my sheets and shorts.The Tan-Luxe butter is much better, even tan & fading and no discoloration to fabric.

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  • Not a huge fan, (JewelsND WA)

    I expected such better results. The product is easy to apply, but took at least 8 hours to develop. It was also streaky. It doesn't smell initially, but once it developed it sure did. I would not purchase again.

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  • Tan Luxe , (nanaj18 VA)

    Like the foam product and also the way it is to be applied both very convenient- however very yellow appearing on skin instead of tan and very streaky - I applied it carefully and according still had lots of streaks.

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  • TAN-LUX SELF-TAN MOUSSE , (by2much CA)

    Was looking forward to trying this self-tanner and getting a faux tan as opposed to baking in the sun as Ive done for years throughout my youth. That was the in thing in my my day. However, I was blessed with very good skin and Im pretty much still a grape and not a raisin! I like this ST and my only complaints are in accentuates the few brown marks on my legs and I didnt receive a mitt. I like that it didnt leave my skin blotchy and fades gradually on my med to light skin. Got it on sale

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  • I like it BUT, (aaddv NJ)

    I will not purchase again because of the $30.00 price increase. That is a ridiculously inflated price increase.

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  • Product is average, (Nanettefay NY)

    This product does give you a nice even tan, but still has a not so nice scent and not fresh as others have stated.The smell lingered for days...

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  • nice tan but..., (patty288 FL)

    did not like because it left streaks and I used it in circular motion still left streaks. The color of the tan was very nice and the foam was nice but I think it could use a little color in it to see where it goes.

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  • It's ok , (Dianw ME)

    I absolutely love self tanners especially after I was diagnosed with melanoma from using tanning beds when I was younger. (I'm 33 now) i have purchased many different ones, many expensive ones to find the right one. I was thinking this would be the winner, especially since it says it goes on so effortlessly and no residue on clothing. Well, it does go on clear, problem with that is, if you happen to go over the same streak u already did, that streak that was applied "twice" shows when all set and done. I was very streaky on my legs and back of arms, and I followed the directions. Needless to say, I won't be purchasing this again, the other brand I use has won me over completely. Expensive, but absolutely perfect! Sorry, I was hoping to give this 5 stars! Unfortunately I'd rate this between a 2-3 star. You get that rating, due to the color is what I like, only if I could see where I applied it, this won't be getting a 5 star review. Make one so we can see our application! Please? Lol

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