Tan-Luxe Hydra Mousse with Mitt

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  • A good as a spray tan! Love this tanner!, (evecat75 FL)

    This is a great self tanner! I usually need to drive for a spray tan so this is saves time and money. I used an 1/8 of the bottle for two coats. (hope it lasts long) It went on even and looks great and my skin is soft! Not crazy about the smell but the smell fades. You can take a shower and tan is still looks good.I bought it when it was around $50 for 2 bottles. If it stays at that price, I will buying from now on! LOVE IT!

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  • Best ever, (Sharoni55573 CA)

    Best ever tanning lotion .Ive used a lot of other tanners nothing compares to this product. I get so many compliments and people think that Ive been on vacation. Keep it coming .

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  • #1 Self Tanning Product!!!!!!, (Daisy229 NJ)

    Love this Self Tan Mousse. I have tried them all & found this to be the BEST!!!

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  • This product is to die for!!!, (Pat1223 SC)

    I was recently diagnosed with a syndrome where I can no longer go in the sun and if I do must wear gobs of anti sun products. THIS is essential for my life here in the south. I can look tan and not hurt my skin. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful product!!

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  • Love, (magnum858 FL)

    This is a great tanner... Ive used a lot of them and this one smells really nice, it goes on with no fuss and the tan is really great, love the color.

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  • WOW , (Mamaw453 AL)

    After reading some of the reviews I was a little nervous, because I have sun and age spots from head to toe, but when I received this product I waited until the evening and applied it, and in the morning I WAS BLOWN AWAY! it gave me a great color and didn't make my spots stand out like every other self tanner. Most ST make my spots really dark and I look like a cheetah with dark spots and not very dark skin. I got the medium / dark. I'M IN LOVE! THANK YOU!

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  • Best ever, (Sharoni55573 CA)

    Please bring this product back please it's the best.

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  • Great Color!, (OregonGrl OR)

    I love the color and does not smell bad. The bad thing is the color seeped right through the Mitt and ended up with brown palms also the Mitt split at the seam on first use. Use carefully. Will wear gloves under Mitt next time. I also bought the drops you use with your own lotion and love those too!

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  • best self tanner on the market, (BarbozaC1964 MA)

    I absolutely love this self tanner. I have very light/aging skin. I avoid the sun as much as possible. I have bought and tried them all form over the counter to the high end expensive one's. Nothing even comes close to Tan-Luxe. When going on vacation I just slather this one and within a few hours I have a beautiful even non drying tan. My skin loves this product. Please don't ever stop making it and offering it at an affordable price!!

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  • so so so good!, (Bevvy7 IL)

    this is such a crazy deal! This is such a good self tanner. the first time I used it I was streaky after but I was impressed by how long it lasted. So the next time I tried it I was careful about how I applied it and made sure everything was even and no streaking! and it lasts forever. I usually have to reapply after a few days this lasts a full week till I scrub it off! I LOVE that its clear so no mess!

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  • Best ever!, (Mavie HI)

    Best self tanner I have ever used. Expensive but well worth the price as it lasts longer than most self tanners, goes on easily and is of good color.

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  • Great Tanning Product, (sue9410 MI)

    Love this! It goes on transparently but even though you can't see it, it still covers evenly and I love the color! Great tan quickly. Good value as I received two bottles and the hand mitt.

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  • Beautiful tan without the sun!, (SunShineanSmiles MA)

    I love this product. It is so natural looking and feels great. It fades just like a natural tan would. Everyone I who has asked me about it, has ordered the product and receives the same results. This is a keeper!!!! Nice to have the glow without the sun damage!

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  • LOVE this !, (Sweetey49 TX)

    it is a little darker than I expected but does last longer than the light. I love how this stuff dries and does NOT stink !!

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  • AAA+++, (123456258 MA)

    Love the FOAMY delivery on the mitt , for great coverage! I have destroyed sheets and towels with other tan products! It is easy application.....great natural tan color. I got the light med. NICE BELIEVEABLE color! Great large size product for the price! If you are generous with the mousse on the mitt.....you will not have streaks! I'm a fan! Will order again!

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