Tan-Luxe Express Water & Airbrush Professional Spray Tan Mister

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  • I like this!, (Sarjen123 NY)

    This mister is a great self tanner. Recently purchased the mouse and then this became available. Goes in more evenly. Do not have as many wonky patches of missed tan areas. I would definitely recommend purchasing this.

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  • Love it, (momdukes NY)

    I really like it but now I will be trying their tan lux the butter

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  • The best yet!, (Peggy888 NV)

    I have used MANY self tanners and by far I love this one the most. It is very easy to apply and the result is natural looking tan skin. To be honest, you skin will dry from this but I use a skin moisturizer every day anyway. I wait for this tanning spray to thoroughly dry then I put moisturizer on.

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  • Nice color , (pretie1 IL)

    I am fair skin and this made my legs a nice tan color. I do have to say it does go every where on floor when you spray it, I almost slipped in it and later bottom of feet were brown. Nice sent but next day I could smell it was tanner product. I didnt have streaks. The formula took forever to dry plus the lashes advertising acted as if all you have to do is spray that is not true due to you have to use mitt in circular motion per label.

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  • Just Okay, (GIL33 IL)

    I bought this because I love Tan-Luxe. The problem with spray tanners is that if you do your hands, you had best be careful not to get it on your cuticles and fingers. If you do, you will have black cuticles and black nails for a good long while!!! I will stick with the regular Tan-Luxe.

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  • Burnt orange , (rbf6 RI)

    I purchased this product and I do have to say that one of the advantages is the spray bottle after youve experienced it a few times it does tend to come out pretty evenly. But its not real and it just reminds me of the color burnt orange. If it doesnt come from the sun, dont bother. I see some of the hosts use faux tanning and if theyre showing their hands or sandals it just looks so FAKE! Nothing wrong with your own natural skin color if you dont get a chance to go into the sun embrace y

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  • Golden, (Goodfoot8 TN)

    Im still learning how to use a self tanning solution. It produces quickly on my African Am light skin w/a yellow tone then evens out as it gets older. I used a mitt for application which should come w/ the product! Help w/the application for even toning is key w/a mitt because inside my unmitted hand was not attractive nor under my feet still learning. All and all this water will get the job done and last a few days. I have a foam product thats more user friendly but Ill also keep this water

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  • Gets Very Dark - Inaccurate Presentations, (MaryF1962 CA)

    Mister works great. On air only talked about color developing in half an hour, not rinsing in half an hour or longer for darker.I ended up ridiculously dark as I am super fair. Had to visit another vendorss website for this product and saw the time chart for rinsing off. I want to spray it and forget it. They kept talking about the tan lasting 48 hours. Wrong! The claim is for the hydration to last 48 hours. The tan lasts as long as any other self tanner. Will stick with The Butter.

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  • Good Color.....but, (Kozy8888 NC)

    This product leaves a great color. However, it does not tell you how long to wait for the color to show. So do not expect to spay it on and see a difference....it takes time and I am not sure how much. Also....this product is very sticky so I would advise applying it where you can wipe the sickyness off of the floor or sink. Finally, it is impossible to get off palms of your hands, so wash hands immediately. You will not see the product, but it is there tanning your palms. Recommend/warning

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  • Do not like the application, (Melanie57 MD)

    I have the Mousse on auto delivery and I love that as well as the butter, but as others have said, it is too messy to even use inside the house. Okay for now, but not when it begins to get colder outside. I am returning.

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  • gross & you have to use a mitt., (Rubs IL)

    Mitt usage. I hate. The demo never mention mitt needed. sent back immediately. I do luv the Tan-Luxe THE BUTTER. Now that is the bomb.

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  • Did not like , (DogMama CA)

    Messy application. And, it takes forever to dry. Very sticky. I will not buy this product again. Waste of money. From now on, l will keep using TanTowels instead.

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  • Terrible product , (Taz9535 SC)

    The coverage is uneven, the color is a shade of orange and it wipes off with a wash cloth in the shower. I am so disappointed in this product and HSN for promoting it. I had 2 friends purchase it and they had the same results.

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  • Scary dark spots. Looks like skin cancer., (ALYOPP NY)

    Forget about the mess people were talking about on the floor when I first used this it had no odor. It came out look beautifully, and now I have dark brown spots all over my face and body, that if a dermatologist looked at me, they would analyze it all thinking that I had skin cancer its quite frightening. Please remove this. Will give this warning to others since it has upset me greatly.

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  • Return, (emalex CA)

    Did not like as too dark.

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