Tan Luxe 20ml The Face Self-Tan Drops

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  • natural tan color, (Kiana6 PA)

    I love this tanner on my face and chest. I use 2 drops and quarter size moisturizer for face, neck and chest. Its just enough to do all

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  • Face Tan Luxe, (frankye77 TX)

    Good product!

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  • Face Tan, (gaitedhorses CA)

    Just as nice as the body tan drops, maybe a little lighter in the tan, but still a golden tan, no sell or rub off.

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  • Very good tanning drops, (12grandkids CA)

    I have used this brand for years and it's great. This is not only for the face. I use it on legs and arms too. I mix it with my body lotion and it's never too dark or streaked. I love that I can make it light or dark depending on how much I use. I love it.

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  • The best, (goldenhamster OH)

    With all the exfoliation on this face to look young, it's hard to keep a tan on my face. This helps me match the rest of my body. I use the empty ones to travel with full body drops.

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  • The best ever!, (Rookie926 GA)

    This is the best self tanner I have ever used on my face. It does not cause breakouts or irritation, it's very natural looking and smells good, too. I mix it in with my nightly rosacea cream and blend well into my hairline and down my neck. I wake up looking like I just returned from a week at the beach.

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  • Wow, (Jenny5345 WV)

    I really love tan Luxe it works wonderful.It gives a tan so beautiful.I would recommend to friends & family.

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  • Best self tanner there is!, (sus17 MN)

    I have been self tanning for years and tried just about every brand and type of self tanner, and this one is my favorite. So easy to use, you can determine how light or dark you go, and fast drying. The color is fantastic, cant go wrong with this!

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  • It works, (Kimmie19757 MO)

    This product really works but make sure to use only a very small amount.

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  • Works great! Easy to use, (laurany21 FL)

    I purchased the dark in both the face and body. Ive only used it with Aveeno moisturizer mixing 4 drops in a nickel size blob of lotion in my palm. I spread it between my 2 palms and then rub it on. At first theres no smell but the tanner smell comes out after a bit so I usually put it on b4 sleeping, dry in front of a fan, then sleep. For those who say it doesnt work, you should exfoliate first. Also, maybe your lotion is interacting with it. Every lotion has different ingredients.

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  • Amazeing !!!!!!, (tabitharose54 OK)

    I tried my Face drops with my serum .... Went on so smooth .. I later add some Tan lux butter to my face as well. In a hour or less I could see the color so natural start to tan !! I added a few drops to Tan lux and did whole body. It is a awesome product I cannot do without !!! Look forward to order other Tan lux drops for body. I am In Love with my Tan !!! I always wear White ..sleep on White ..No Transfer .. to me that is Happy !!!

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  • Will never be without this, (Sojo MD)

    Healthy, natural looking tan with so many compliments. I think it makes me look years younger and I need no foundation whatsoever.

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  • Where have these drops been all my life?!?, (haylizabeth629 PA)

    WOW. I am not exaggerating when I say I have tried just about every self tanning product under the sun. Ive been in search of the perfect self tanner for my face for many years and Ive FINALLY found it!!! These drops are so easy to use - just mix 2-3 drops into my daily moisturizer and apply to my face in upward strokes... wash hands and VOILA! the color is incredible and looks super natural. Im hooked.

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  • The BEST!, (Dawnjeana RI)

    I've used a few self tanners, this is by far the easiest and most natural looking tan that I've ever got...and it lasts about a week!!! Just add a few drops to your moisturizer as directed. I use vinyl gloves to apply so no mess or waste! I have a few age spots, so I just avoid them so they don't get darker.

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  • Like a Caribbean tan, (RoB48 NY)

    Easy to use. No streaking. Just add a few drops to any moisturizer and you look bronze and beautiful!

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