Sweetshop Ginger Snap Reusable Gingerbread House Kit

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  • Great Product, Great Christmas Memories , (AlyDosdall UT)

    I bought five kits for our whole family, and we had a blast decorating them! The candies are so cute; and the frosting is easy to make, tastes delicious and holds the candies on well. I love that I can wash them, take them apart, store them flat and use them again next year. Skipping the frustrating part of making gingerbread houses kept our activity 100% enjoyable.

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  • Amazing!, (roseyy_117 KY)

    loved this set. the house is super cute. the sprinkle lights!!!!!!!

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  • Hard to put together, but, (emhdgfan FL)

    Granddaughter had less trouble and decorated this house with no problems. Keeping it for Halloween use next October, then a new house for Christmas. The pieces that were attached to the house were sugar, and they melted when I tried to wash them because I thought they were plastic.

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  • Cute but roof doesnt attach, (scrapper621 MD)

    The candies are cute and its a great idea but the roof does not attach easily so we used tape on the inside. My grandson did have fun with it though.

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  • Difficult Assembly & Icing Fail, (ProudNanaX2 OH)

    The roof did not want to snap in place. We used a hammer and a light touch and that did the trick. Icing oozed all over. Even after waiting 30 min to set a little I couldnt get any heavy candies like gummies or the door and windows to stay in place. So I iced the whole roof and my granddaughter applied sprinkles. Shes 2 1/2 so she was happy and had a belly full of gummies. I will make my own icing next time. Made for tough grandmas who will do anything to please their babies.

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  • Cannot be assembled, (dnkandlvely IL)

    I volunteer and a senior building. I bought the house so that they would decorate the counters when the seniors walk in. I spent three hours trying to assemble this house and could not. I thought I was doing something wrong so I went back to watch the presentation. And if you watch the presenter she can't assemble it either. Then I read the reviews and a lot of the other customers had the same problem. The concept is nice it's great but please put a little more effort in making it easier to asse

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  • Assembly difficult, (josev WA)

    I could not get the gingerbread house pieces to fit together. I returned the item for refund. Disappointed.

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