Sunny Valley Orchard 100-count Natural Laundry Detergent Sheets

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  • Love the cleaning power added in my laundry , (BC12 NY)

    This gives my clothes a brightness that was missing my natural detergent I now use them together and what a powerful pinch it gave all I washed ! We did over huge amounts of wash that had a musty odor from bring packed away- gone!

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  • Sunny Valley Laundry Sheets, (saragshops NY)

    I absolutely love the way these sheets clean my clothes. Everything feels so soft and bright and no messy liquid laundry soap and big container to worry about. Ive told several of my friends they should try these and make their lives easier. Im ordering my second one now because I dont want to be without these!

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  • good , (cathym359 OH)

    so far so good .

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  • Sunny Valley laundry detergent, (Cssatterfield AR)

    I really like this product. The colors come out so bright and they smell wonderful. I recommend this product.

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  • I like these, (OhioluvsHSN OH)

    I really like these. Makes my clothes super soft. I used one to hand wash some masks and it made the water really soft and the smell is pleasant. Basically smells like ACV. Only issue I had so far was getting one out of the container, they keep getting stuck then my hands get all soapy trying to get it through the top. But I will definitely buy again

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  • Fresh, wonderfully clean laundry!, (LeoBella OH)

    I have switched to eco-friendly, natural laundry products for myself and family, and wanted to give this a try, as ACV is a powerful cleaner. I was pleasantly surprised at the way the laundry sheets clean, and the terrific softness of clothes after using these sheets. Full disclosure, I do not have super soiled laundry, but my clothes are clean and bright after using. I generally use 2 sheets/load, three if it's a full load. Really great on towels, super soft, bright and fluffy. Reordered

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  • Washing, (beautiful3952 NY)

    doesn't wash very well

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