Sunny Valley Orchard 100-count Natural Laundry Detergent Sheets

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  • Love!, (gilbertsmom2 MA)

    I love this company & their products. Simple to use & clothes come out clean! Second time buying these.

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  • Great product?, (Beans365 MS)

    I love this product. I have a dog sanctuary and wash many loads of clothes everyday. This really helps take the odor out. If you do't put the sheets in the dryer, they do not create lint. I wish we could get more of these.

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  • My guinea pigs and I, (cinnamonsuger MI)

    We love these laundry sheets we have 8 guinea pigs and we have to wash there pads in there pens they are very messy,we have used other products and they haven't worked as well as the sheets the pads look brand new after washing them we love this product won't use anything else it's safe for animals and our clothes look great also thank you for this great product and we love your dish soap also and your cleaning supplies! We have happy guinea pigs with their clean houses and a happy mom also!

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    Clean, easy, and so good.I am using this and very happy with the clean, this is very good.

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  • Love this product!, (RileyW20 SC)

    These laundry sheets are so great! I am a busy college student so having sheets for detergent is perfect for me. Saves a lot of time for me. It also cleaned my clothes perfectly and smelled great!

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  • Sunny Florida, (cavendish FL)

    My first time using the Sunny Valley Laundry Sheets. Loved the great smell, clean clothes and that it was so very easy to use.

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  • Love these laundry sheets, (Tcomp1024 FL)

    Love the smell and how easy it is to use these laundry sheets. No more carrying large bottles of detergent down the hall to the laundry room.

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  • Great Product!, (JRB007 FL)

    I love theres no measuring!! Just one sheet worked great for my loads of laundry!! I will keep using these!! no more messy liquids or powders!!

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  • Sunny Valley Laundry Sheets, (Sun-Fun NJ)

    Used the Sunny Valley Laundry Sheets for the first time. Gave it a good test with my work-out laundry. Cloths came out clean and smelled like fresh apples. Great Product! and good for the Environment too!!

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  • Love this product!, (Shopper1044 FL)

    I love this product. It makes laundry so easy, and it smells so wonderful!

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  • These work!, (mitsymae VT)

    I loved the sheets, took out old stains and cleaned wonderfully also loved the scent , I will be reordering.

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  • Thumbs up, (sweetpea0406 NM)

    Thumbs up Hard to believe something that looks like a dryer sheet can clean so well and it takes up less space

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  • Love, (Billie1047 ME)

    I love that I dont need to measure, I can eye ball it. I love the apple smell when Im throwing the sheets in the washer. . Granted when taking the clothes out, theres no apple odor, the coolest thing is theres NO bad odors. I love that and the clothes comes out so clean. No residue buildup in our machine either. Its a win win for me. I dont miss any of the stuff I used to buy at the store, nor their strong coverup smells, itchy stiff annoying feeling they gave.

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  • The jury is still out on this one., (gafordgirl GA)

    I can't decide if I like this product or not. I would say 50/50.

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  • Too much lint, (BuyingGoodStuff IL)

    The product smells really good, but I am not a fan because it leaves lint on the clothes. If you wash and dry clothes the dryer picks up the lint, however if you hang them up after washing to dry there is lint left on clothes.

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