Staub 5.75 qt. Coq Au Vin Cocotte

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  • Perfection, (Peache GA)

    I am so happy you sell Staub products. This pot is beautiful, and cooks very well. It also cleans up easily. It is sitting on my stove right now. Too pretty to put away.

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  • Beautiful and lives up to it's reputation!, (JaneBruin CA)

    I've had my eye on this pot for quite some time. Actually, I wasn't sure if I wanted this one or the Le they both had excellent reviews. When I saw this on HSN, I couldn't believe the wonderful price at the size and color that I wanted. I'm so happy that I bought this!. Right now, I have it sitting on my stovetop when I'm not using it because it is so beautiful (people have even commented on it). I've only used it a few times and everything has been delicious. Plus, it is easy to clean!

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  • Gorgeous Pot!, (Smart-Shopper1 CA)

    This Staub pot is stunning! It just arrived and I can't wait to use it!

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  • Beautiful, (maxima31 CA)

    What a great pot beautiful color and excellent quality well worth the price

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  • Basil, Oh my! 5 stars and more!, (eugal CA)

    Basil is beautiful, I was expecting a lighter color, and this is a darker richer basil. I used this four times, made Coq au Vin...Julia's recipe, delicious! This pan does everything Staub says it will, follow the directions in the book which came with it. It has the info to wash the pan and DRY thouroughly and oil. It gets confusing, they're advertised not to need pre-seasoning, but, the book says to. Easy peasy.I followed the directions and the pan washed up beautifully. It's important not to overheat these pans, I heat the pans up gradually, no cold pan on hot heat, no hot pan in cold water. I let the pan cool completely and then wash in warm water, dry, wipe with oil (inside of pan and the dimpled underside of lid) and heat in a warm oven for a few minutes. Wipe excess oil off and store on the counter. Before cooking agin, I oil lightly with olive oil.No white marks, no rust! Looks new everytime!

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  • Beautiful, (donnafish NJ)

    Fabulous. The coloris outstanding. Even comes with a plane knob you can use if you don't want the rooster. Love the rooster though. Highly recommend. I am a designer and it makes a statement Great with my grey and black kitchen

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  • Beautiful!, (greydaze65 CA)

    This is just as well made as the major French made brand and about $150.00 cheaper. It's gorgeous! I made a delicious beef stew in this and can't wait to do some more cooking!

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