Startastic Light LED Projector with Holiday Moving Stars

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  • Beautiful bright lights, (roady55 MA)

    This Startastic light is so bright and covers my entire house. Even through wet snow and rain still ran perfectly. Have had outside in an uncovered area for a month with no issues. Enjoying the selection of different light modes and color change too!!! :)

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  • Fantastic Light!, (T11 GA)

    When I received the Startastic projector, I immediately plugged it in inside a dark room, and it was awesome! Lots of moving stars and bright green & red LED lights. I love the moving action, and I look forward to using this on the front of my house at Christmas! Great choice, and very happy I made this purchase!

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  • Very pretty - were mostly pleased!, (Seachelle AR)

    It seems clear that this little gizmo doesnt automatically turn on at dark as claimed. In my case, I turn it on and the red fires immediately, while green takes a bit to come up to speed. That aside, I love the way the lights look on the house & surrounding area. This is a very simple little system but the show is beautiful. Hope it works next year.

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  • Great lights. Love it. , (Mauleen OH)

    I was initially disappointed when I realized it did not come on automatically. However I work night shift so before I drive out I turn it on. So far it has worked very well and decorates my space. The instruction did say that the light may take sometimes to peak. The green light is sluggish for start but proceed to equally dazzling delight as the red one. It also covers a wide area of my house but doesnt reflect well on my red brick wall of the house . Glamorize the front of my house. Love it.

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  • Fun, (HSNrox VA)

    Used 2 of these on Halloween for green moving light patterns. I have a 2 story 2700 square ft house, and with 2 I was just able to project onto the entire house face. FYI: The stakes have a flimsy attachment to the projectors so instead of pushing them into the firm ground, we put them into flower pots filled with soft soil and placed them where we wanted.

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  • Short cord , (nanc10 AZ)


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  • Just not a great value , (nrsjo50 IL)

    I sent back almost one month ago and still not credited

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  • I love it, but needs longer cord , (Willow7 MN)

    Im thoroughly enjoying this in my backyard. I use the green light and point toward trees and when the breeze comes the lights twinkle in the leaves. I bought 2 and have one pointing lower to grass too. But cord needs to be MUCH LONGER! And because it is the larger box plug I cant use the snap on cover that weather-protects where two plugs connect. Please make cord longer and even better design a sealed plug safety cover for the box plugs.

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  • NO Auto Turn On As Promised, (MasterReviews AZ)

    It does NOT turn on by itself contrary to video host (2:21 mins). You have to manually go out and punch Red and/or Green button then the Motion Button every single night. It also has its own "night time" override sensor that requires it to be to quite dark to turn on. I want a simple on/off button or permanent auto-on that my own timers can use to power on. Has a very short cord.

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  • Holiday Fun, (Devota AZ)

    Because the cord is so short, unless I run extension cords, I can't imagine this working to light up the front of house. That being said, I set it up, very easy to do, and placed it in a flower pot on the patio in the backyard and it lit up the entire backyard, wall, trees. Easy. Beautiful. Fun.

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  • Disappointed!, (morehousemom GA)

    I thought I had finally found a projector that would work as it was meant to. I was wrong! I have to say the first night it worked great and my grand kids were so excited. But all the excitement ended the second night. Only the red color would work, and on night three nothing was working. Im so glad that I have until January 30th to return it. It will be on its way back very soon.

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  • Not so happy, (Terry9069 CA)

    Very short chord. Maybe 1 foot. Found it way cheaper in the store near my house. back it goes.

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  • So sad, (shopper523 ME)

    The light started great, but on the second day, the lights didn't seem as bright. By the 4th day, the green light no longer worked, and the red was dimmer. Extremely disappointed .

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  • Defective , (MeGail KY)

    Ordered four of these and two of them so far stopped working within 24 hours, one of them did not work right out of the box. Its the same for both the red was defective and did not work only the green. HSN was very kind about addressing the issue for me. Hopefully the replacements will work and the remaining will continue to work. I will not be happy if I pull them out next year and struggle with them. Nice product but quantity is not reliable.

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  • Unmet Expectations , (MarcyLJ DE)

    I was soooooooo excited when I ordered my Startastic projectors back in July. The light show worked perfect the first night. The next days did not go so well. For one, the lights did not auto-start at dusk. So, I self-started the light show and crossed my fingers. On day two, the temperature dropped to 37 degrees (F) and the projector did nothing. After my experience, I read the reviews and can confirm they are all accurate. DO NOT BUY THIS ITEM.

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