Spray-N-Grow Liquid Micronutrient Complex

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  • Ginormous flowers, (sotoa TX)

    I was very skeptical about purchasing this but run, dont walk, if I could show pictures I absolutely would of my giant dinner plate size hibiscus and my calla lilies are soooo tall!

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  • Only brand I use, (CuriousAgain CO)

    I've been using Spray 'n Grow for 10 years now along with Bill's fertilizer formula. Absolutely fabulous results. It is organic, so I can use it in the house as well. Highly recommend Spray 'n Grow combinations. Everything is foliar, so I just use a 1 gallon spray bottle for gardens.

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  • A Must for Plants, (Prettychoo CA)

    I buy this each year and it makes a big difference on my plants, indoors and outdoors. Just like humans our plants need vitamins to thrive too.

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  • Great results, (CaliShopper89 NM)

    This product works great on indoor and outdoor plants. Works as advertised. Be sure to follow the instructions.

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  • Rose bushes, (Gracieloufreebsh MO)

    I have been using this on my roses bushes my grandfather put in back in 1970. they were looking pretty rough. I have spent alot of money on special fertilizer for them with a little difference. Been using spray n grow now for 2 months an they are looking healthier an growing. Thank you

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  • Perfect, (Resta TX)

    I've been buying this for years. My plants grow so beautiful.

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  • Great stuff!, (river3039 AL)

    This stuff works just as Guy said demonstrating on his show. My plants are all doing better than with a fertilizer has..

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  • A Must For Every Gardner , (Tatiana35 TX)

    I love this product I've been using this for 2 years and it's amazing. My plants are big and healthy. My neighbors ask me what I use I always give people to receipt.

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  • LOVE THIS PRODUCT, (PixieGirl123 SC)

    I've been using this for years on all of my garden plants and lawn. I continue to receive so many complements about how healthy things look and it's thanks to Spray-N-Grow. I don't like using chemicals since I have a dog, so this gives me peace of mind that I'm taking care of my plants the natural way.

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  • Five stars, (grh4 NY)

    Love this product makes everything bloom more and faster

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  • Amazing Product , (Joy325 TX)

    I absolutely love this stuff! And Im never without it. It IS a game changer. It says for best results use once a week. So thats what I do and the results are truly amazing!

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  • It works, (ant24 FL)

    I bought this again and will keep buying . I bought this last year for the first time, used it on a lily starter plant and that lily is now 3 and a 1/2 feet tall and 2 feet wide. I have never seen a liliy grow so big. Great product .

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  • Love this stuff, (yellowbeetlesue NY)

    I buy this stuff every year - would not be without it. My plants are healthy and it's like you can actually watch them grow when you spray them. I've used other plant foods - liquid and granular, but this is by far the best. Easy to mix and does the trick. Great product.

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  • really growing, (usmc4 LA)

    i don't know if i just bought healthy plants but since using this they have been growing like crazy. the small bushes i bought this year are nearly as big as the ones i got last year and i have to say this growth spurt did not happen until i started to use this. its easy to use and i like that it is shelf stable for ever until mixed with water. thanks for such a great item

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  • Love this stuff!, (JanJan46 FL)

    It works as advertised, makes my plants and Hibiscus grow and bloom beautifully. I use it once a week. The price was good and the amount, plenty. I will keep ordering this product.

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