SmartHeart Digital Arm Cuff Blood Pressure Monitor

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  • too long, (answerwoman24 CA)

    I am very petite and the cuff is too long for my arm. It is longer than the space between my shoulder and elbow. It works fine on my brother but not me I could never get a correct reading because I couldn't bend my arm at the elbow for it to be at the correct place.

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  • Unpredictable Readings, (maemae1095 TN)

    Cannot get consistent reading, even with back-to-back usage. The placement of the device on the arm is awkward. Not sure if I will keep it.

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  • Good but cuff too tight, (CageyLady NE)

    This blood pressure cuff is well designed accept the cuff inflates too much causing pain.

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  • Easy to use and read, (jazzydee919 NY)

    I gave my last monitor to my daughter because of her HBP. Decided to purchase another one for myself. Easy to set up and use. Great product.

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  • Great but Disappointing, (Zenith21 CA)

    Quick and to the point! It's a wonderful product, but it had my vital signs 20 -30 points higher than they actually were! After almost 3 weeks, I got a second opinion using another blood pressure machine which had me at the precise measure which was 123-82 and 71 heartbeats....As opposed to 153-103 and 88 heartbeats. This product had me over 140 plus everyday. Again, I really like this product for its simplicity and space saving size and deep red color. I hope it works well for others.

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  • Painful, (blue2014 TX)

    really wanted to like it, great display and cuff was large, perfit fit. But the compression was really painful and not comfortable at all. Could be just me as I am very sensitive to compression on my arms and legs. Reluctenly returned.....

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  • My readings were not accurate, (klm567 IA)

    I tried this monitor for 4 days and couldn't get an accurate reading. I have an older monitor that is accurate to the doctors office. This monitor is routinely 15-20 points higher (which the manual says is normal) but, I had heart surgery last year, so it isn't good enough for me.

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