SmartHeart Digital Arm Cuff Blood Pressure Monitor

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  • I do not trust tue readings, (qtake NY)

    My old monitor warns me that 131/68 is a number in the caution zone. This monitor tells me that this same reading is in the safe zone. I do not trust that

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  • very nice looking B,P, machine, (norman80 IN)

    I liked the look of this machine but when I tried to use it , I found that the cuff was entirley too long, It was difficult to put it on without help and I don't always have someone available to help. It was also very heavy on my arm,

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  • Uncomfortable, (ellie44 TN)

    Much too bi g on arm uncomfortable

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  • Bad , (phil242 NY)

    Thought it was better based on reviews. It takes several attempts to get a pressure. Sometimes I just give up.

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  • Difficult to read info due to labeling on cuff., (AYO53 GA)

    I went back and looked at the video to verify if I had received a defective BP cuff. The video appears to have the same issue. It is not possible to read the cuff the way it is labeled. It seems that either the face of the blood pressure cuff should be turned 360 degrees to make the blood pressure readable or change the labeling of the shoulder and elbow wording on the cuff. Otherwise as it is, you have to look sideways or upside down to read the cuff. Very awkward.

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  • no good, (badjr MI)

    lousy product , it is not accurate

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  • Monitor Too Hard to Operate, (Anonymous OH)

    The monitor was too hard to situate on my arm & once it started working the pain was incredible as it seems it wasn't going to stop so I hard to take it off. I tried 3 times!

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  • Not accurate enough , (DejaKnight VA)

    Great features but...I used this and compared my results to a manual B/P cuff. I got much higher readings with the digital cuff. Returned it. Got better, more consistent readings from the wrist model.

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  • slow and loud, (Hel-names-192847 IL)

    takes time to give readout, and sounds like it struggles.. i dont take its results for facts

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  • Inaccurate Readings, (lgctt CT)

    This is easy enough to use, but I wanted to be certain it was accurate, so I brought it to a medical appointment to compare with the reading from the nurse. We tried it 3 times and it was consistently off the real BP reading from the nurse. The top number was (consistently) about 20 points higher using this monitor and the bottom number was about 15 points higher. For someone keeping a close watch on their BP, this variance is a problem.

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  • Not very accurate, (Pauljk MD)

    Seemed to be accurate at first, but after several months is isn't any longer. Too late to return.

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  • No Accuracy , (diane114 NJ)

    Did not like, too many different numbers. ..

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