SmartHeart Digital Arm Cuff Blood Pressure Monitor

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  • Convenient Size, (Jody1950 IL)

    The size is convenient and being able to take it with you in the caring case is a plus.

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  • Unpredictable Readings, (maemae1095 TN)

    Cannot get consistent reading, even with back-to-back usage. The placement of the device on the arm is awkward. Not sure if I will keep it.

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  • Uncomfortable, (ellie44 TN)

    Much too bi g on arm uncomfortable

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  • Needed this , (marvelous0406 OH)

    Smartheart it's one of the best buys I purchase from hsn I have to keep track of my BP and this product is the best keep time and date so you can show your doctor . Thankyou hsn for having this great smart heart product .

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  • Bad , (phil242 NY)

    Thought it was better based on reviews. It takes several attempts to get a pressure. Sometimes I just give up.

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  • User Friendly, (javierc65 CA)

    I saw this on air last year wasn't able to get one due to availability, so when it came back I pre-ordered it to make sure I got one, oh yeah it works great! no problems & the charge last a long time!

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  • SmartHeart Digital Blood Pressure Monitor, (Janliz6 IL)

    Excited to receive this product. It was easy to use and works as well as the Presenters and Demonstrators said it would.

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  • Blood pressure review, (thrifty73 NY)

    I received my machine in a timely manner.Im glad I can get my pressure everyday and know how Im doing.It is very easy to operate. Im trying to lead a much heathy life style.Thank you so much.

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  • Good but cuff too tight, (CageyLady NE)

    This blood pressure cuff is well designed accept the cuff inflates too much causing pain.

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  • Great for home, (blessedxmany VA)

    As a nurse, I find that this cuff does a very good job with the readings and info it shows on the screen. The readings are easily visible and its easy to use. I highly recommend for anyone that has to keep a close eye on their blood pressure, the wrist products are very misleading and rarely give an accurate reading.

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  • Difficult to read info due to labeling on cuff., (AYO53 GA)

    I went back and looked at the video to verify if I had received a defective BP cuff. The video appears to have the same issue. It is not possible to read the cuff the way it is labeled. It seems that either the face of the blood pressure cuff should be turned 360 degrees to make the blood pressure readable or change the labeling of the shoulder and elbow wording on the cuff. Otherwise as it is, you have to look sideways or upside down to read the cuff. Very awkward.

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  • All Things Considered, Worth It, (grameema MO)

    I found this hard to use the 1st time. My blood pressure was higher than usual. After I relaxed and tried a 2nd time my pressure was back where it should be. It is a little awkward to use which will improve as you get used to it. I can not see the screen until I take it off. I do like the info that the screen provides. It is not as convenient or easy as the wrist monitor but I believe it is supposed to be closer to the doctor's readings.

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  • Awesome , (dovewhitefeather MI)

    Best Ive ever used love it and easy to use

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  • Wonderful , (tangy2 CA)

    Was looking for a BP cuff to use with one hand and this fit the need. Easy to adjust and the display is easy to read. Very comfortable, no hard pressure on arm.I am a retired RN and left arm amputee so this really did help me out.

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  • Band problem, (bert13 CO)

    I sent it back because I could not get the band to stay up on my arm. They said to leave a finger space , even if I did not it did not stay up. That was as far as I got with the product. Hope they improve on the band. Would consider to buy again.

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