SKINN® Divine Elixir Mini Oil Trio

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  • Perfect, (goldengirl17 CA)

    Great product, thanks for efficacious products and enlightening so many of us on proper use of face oils and educating us on ingredients. I remember long ago when I first used the sacred oils roll on and secret elixir (still have secret elixir in my stash). Please bring sacred oils back? :)Thanks for this smaller versions of these oils, good for travel. I tried to pour the algae oil in a smaller bottle but tweaked the solution in doing so:)I travel light..

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  • love Skinn products, (DMDTrainer MA)

    Addicted to the algae oil-be careful as they suggest to "shake up oil" before using it. Container usually gets slippery and you can easily end up with alot of product on floor.Great oil & set. Got my husband to use products.

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  • Great travel size, (sophiesmama8 TX)

    This is an amazing way to try all of the different oils. They are also the perfect travel size. This got me introduced to the green ashwaganda oil & now I can't live without it.

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  • Cute, (DRSmiel NM)

    I had already ordered all 3 in their 1 oz sizes and like all of them. I couldn't resist the small sizes, they're so cute.

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  • Love Skinn, (Mim7 IL)

    I watch every show Dimitri is on...his products are very nice, and he is very informative and likable. I do have his Divine Elixir which is in this trio. but I must admit, I did not find any firming, nor any addl benefits with the other two products...I will just stick with his Divine Elixir...Exfoliator and Pore Magnet....Wish HSN had him on more often. He is seldom on and only offers one or two products each time....wish he had more air time and more products to offer when he airs

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  • Divine, (justducky-65 OH)

    Love all 3 of these. Made a big difference how my skin feels, so hydrating.

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  • Disappointed, (Mimi3119 TX)

    I use other Skinn products and they are high quality. These products were returned. The oil and water dont mix- its like putting plain water on your face, other one is sticky. Not good.

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  • Elixir oils, (tina230 FL)

    Love these products, my skin absorbs these oils my skin feels feels and looks plump. The price on these three products are awesome

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  • Lovely skin oils, (Lucygirl53 LA)

    received my order from skinn , Oils got all 3 in box what a great gift for myself ,Been using for two weeks now and I love them they feel great on my face , glad I bought them. Thanks Dimitri

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  • Nourishing & smoothing, (Puregal TX)

    I do have to say the oils were loose in the box hitting each other. Lucky for me none broke. I have used the Manuka Elixir for approximately 8 months now. I use it very sparingly since it is a little heavier oil. Love it. So I decided to try the trio. The Ashwagandha soaks right in as does the Algae. I use these 2 at night before bed and finish off with the Manuka. This helps make my mature skin bounce back and feel softer. I also use the Manuka Face Cream to keep my skin supple.

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  • Amazing product , (lisacr NY)

    Love all these elixirs.

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  • nope, (brachia CA)

    so disappointed. arrived with bottles down and no way to put them back. oils are very viscous and do not absorb readily

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  • need informaton, (Jimbo386 VA)

    I got this & it was out of the box, there was no plastic to hold them their box & they were out along with some kind of packing which didn't hold them in. One of them was half full & there was oil in the box. I wonder if someone could tell me how to use these--all at once or what---there was no instruction in the box & I watched the presentation & they really didn't say which to use first. All I heard was how great they are & of course they showed before & after but how do you use them.

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  • 1 out of 3 works for me. , (PleaseRestock NV)

    Not Demitris fault but I have allergies and can only tolerate the gold colored one. I love it though. I will give the other two away as Christmas gifts as I couldnt even try them. Im too sensitive to the smell of them.

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  • 3 stars-Packaging was disappointment, (tntdds DC)

    FIRST: the box arrived with the three bottles falling out. There was a bottom plastic holder but no top plastic piece to hold the bottles in place. SECOND: the blue bottle's stopper would work. I had to transfer contents to another bottle. PRODUCT: The products appear okay and as described. Haven't been using them long enough to determine if they do as described. I have been using the yellow bottle (oil) for awhile, and I like it and on auto ship for that.

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