Skinn® Cosmetics Vin Noir Eye Balm & Rose Noir Balm

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  • Love these products!, (Isabelle7 FL)

    I have been using these 2 products for about a year. A little, and I mean a little goes a long way. I put these on after Argan Oil and that is all that I use. I am 73 with 23-year-old twin grand daughters. People think that I am their mother! Thank you Dimitri!

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  • Wow, (Crazylegs1 NY)

    I know these balms don't make medical claims butI recently had a chemical burn from disinfects. I tried some standard treatments but the rose balms cleared my skin in 2 weeks!

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  • Very nice and effective, (kozar CA)

    Love the product unfortunately according to Skinn it is being discontinued, big mistake

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  • Excellent, (Schuylkill NJ)

    I love the noir balms. They are especially great in winter when my skin is dry. This Its probably my fourth order. I would love to see DermAppeal in a jar rather than a tube

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  • Best balm ever!, (Helene11 VA)

    I have used Rose Noir for a few years now. Always in the winter over my face creams as a barrier. Now it's summer, and my creams feel heavy. I have been using an eye cream and Rose Noir on my clean skin and it's perfection. I also am now using it at night as a night cream. Very soft and smooth. I only use the Vin Noir at night, but when I awake, my eyes are soft and the balm is still there on my eyes. Highly recommend for summer and winter use now. Thanks, Dimitri

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  • Wanna love it.., (Trixie2019 HI)

    I been using this combo since last week. Not too happy with HSNs free shipping- which isnt especially if one lives in USA, but not really..Hawaii- ya gunna pay for it and more, watch out on those taxes. Sorry, back to products. They felt and do feel nice going on. I already sprouted a cute milia! I love the Jasmine balm. The eye balm is really oily(hence, the milia), oil sneaks out on the top of jar. Try not to rub your face with this on- impossible. Sending it back.

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  • Peaches 6505va , (Peaches6505 VA)

    I am sure this is a good product. I gave it a one star because it was too heavy for my oily skin.

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  • So smoothing, (jagb NY)

    I have used the Rose Noir Balm in the past and just love how hydrated and smooth it makes my face feel especially in the dry winter months. I love the eye balm too. very soothing around the eyes and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines. Just wish the Rose Noir Balm came in a larger size.

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    a fan of these balms for years! tops for eyes.. a real game changer!and I use the face balm on cuticle/hands more so than face. repeat buyer for a long time!

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  • Allergic Reaction, (saleseeker LA)

    I was so looking forward to getting this product. Within the second day my eyes started itching & started to puff all around my eyes. For comfort I needed to put Vaseline around my eyes to help relieve the discomfort. Hope in a couple of day I can wear makeup. If you have sensitive skin like I do, I would not recommend. I really wanted a balm for around the eye area. I can use his Pep 40 products. Sorry DiMitri!

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  • Winter savers!, (Texasstyle TX)

    Skinn cosmetics to me are the best products on the market today! This eye balm and face balm are the best products to help your eyes and your skin feel like rose petals! The ingredients are top notch!

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  • Beautiful Rose Noir, (Flossymae1 OK)

    This is an amazing product. I love putting it on my face and neck especially in the winter, I can tell a huge difference in the texture of my skin. So many different ways to use this (read the reviews). Been using this a long time and will never give it up. Recommend highly.

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  • Awesome!, (LivingWell502 MD)

    Both of these products work! The eye cream is great, it only takes a small amount...I love the Rose Noir Balm. I begin to see immediate results in my skin, it became very soft and radiant. It's a great night cream if you don't want to apply twice a day. I only wished it was sold in a larger size.

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  • Vin Noir Eye Balm & Rose Noir Balm, (Herbieroger NJ)

    I ordered this and it did absolutely nothing for the lines outside my eyes, I'm sorry I purchased it,

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  • Excellent, (Rozlyn CT)

    Was not sure what to expect with this product, but I am loving the results, and only started using it about a week ago. I have dry skin which tends to shed after I put on creams and makeup. The skin balm is great. I actually stopped serums during the day, and am using an spf moisturizer first , then applying the balm, then a minimal amount of makeup. (Bare Minerals stick make up, not the powder). NO FLAKES OR PEELING SKIN. FYI, I am 71 years old, do not have a lot of wrinkles, just dry skin.

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