Skinn® Cosmetics Scientific Color Foundation + Concealer

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  • OMG, (Loretta1106 NY)

    Never, never, never have I ever used a foundation that did not collect in my pores and fine lines until now. I am 74yo and the foundation is worth every penny. It blends beautifully, provides uniform color, and looks so natural. My newfound beauty product is Skinn.

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  • Love it, (rjinsac CA)

    I use it on my legs, covers real good. Doesn't rub off. I love it.

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  • Facial Products , (Chinabeana GA)

    The product is concentrated and you get a good coverage.Highly recommended

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  • Great, (Pike_Party_8055 OR)

    This is great foundation. It is matte and thick. I put a small amount on the back of my hand and add a drop of Skinn's luminous vitamin C oil to thin it out. Need way more shades. And, please indicate which shades are cool, neutral, or warm.

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  • best makeup ever!, (daytrripper NY)

    i followed skinn from that other network, love all of his products but this one was exceptional! i dont know why hsn gals dont try your line , they are missing out!! better than lancome and all those name brands!!

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  • Absolutely one of the best foundations , (SkincareGuru1233 CT)

    I have tried many foundations because I have extremely sensitive skin. One impure ingredient and I will break out; this foundation is terrific! But, then what do you expect from Skinn; it's the best and Skinn is for all ages and colors.

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  • Amazing foundation, (Xandi1 CA)

    Really the best foundation I have ever used. It seems to look better the longer it's on my skin! Great as a concealer as well. Skinn is an amazing line of skincare.

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  • More concealer, than foundation , (Sarah547 PA)

    Ordered 3W, cause the color that I preferred was sold out. I found this to thick, and color to be yellowing to my completion and made me look sick. Definitely returning. I also, ordered the brush, which was difficult, it had a drag across my face.Please bring back Collagenesis, Intellitint color correcting? That was the best foundation ever!

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  • Incredible coverage!!!, (VIR AZ)

    Just as Dimitri James stated on the video describing how to apply the foundation on the face and as a concealer. I was amazed with the color match as well.

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  • Allergic Reaction to This Foundation , (GrammyGood PA)

    I have loved all Doll 10 foundations I have used in the past. However, the compressed mineral foundation irritated my skin to the point of redness and a light rash. I have very sensitive skin and develop reactions to many skin products., so I only use one new product on my skin at a time. The brow pencil was too light no matter how hard I pressed. I returned it. I will continue to use her liquid foundation.

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  • Skinn Color Foundation+Concealer, (Elon50 MI)

    I received & tried this yesterday & the coverage is great but the color I ordered was a bit too light. I ordered the next darker color & will be sending this one back.

    2 out of 6 found this review helpful

    This is my second purchase. This shade is perfect for my skin. I apply with a brush and for greater coverage, I may apply another coat. It is light but covers easily. I apply a moisturize first.

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  • Yellow Undertone, (aspellart FL)

    I cannot match your product to my skin tone. I now have two bottles, neither is a good match. Foundation has too much yellow tint.

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  • Finally , (Skinn-girl FL)

    I have been using Skinn Skin care for about 10 years but was not fond of any of the make up. I love this one Great coverage without looking overly made up

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  • Great but a bit heavy for me!! , (kinggirl TX)

    I highly recommend this for slightly younger skin, for me (in my 60s), it seemed to enhance my fine lines a tenny bit! Im olive skinned got 4a it was a perfect match! Dont get me wrong, the color, texture, blend ability is great, I just felt it settled a wee bit too much for me. The orchid gel foundation is my absolute favorite, although I rarely wear foundation after using the derma scrub and the whole Skinn line, I dont really need it! AWESOME PRODUCTS! Demitris trust level is 1000% !

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