Skinn® Cosmetics Scientific Color Foundation + Concealer

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  • Wowza, (Lizziec8 RI)

    I really love this make up. I have bought one that was more expensive and although I did love that one too I just cant see spending more money just to get sunscreen. I saw a review on sunscreens and make up and it says you would have to put so much make up on to get good coverage that you really need to add a sunscreen. Not sure if thats true but I really love this make up and I took Demetrios advice and got 4 W which is perfect for my old skin. Thank you, Dimitri.

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  • Nice, (smiling8 PA)

    Cant complain porcelain too light, need a pink under tone that is slightly darker, nice feel

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  • I recommend this foundation + Concealer, (ckm1 WA)

    I really like this foundation. After the first use my skin felt different after I washed it off. It's hard to explain but It felt really good. Also, I don't feel icky with it on. I would prefer not to have to wear foundation and hope this can get me there. My only negative comment is that I would like to see a few more shades.

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  • Gorgeous , (DebrainMaryland MD)

    I took advice from the presentation and mixed foundation with the Skinn Manuka oilwow! My skin looks and feels great! My skin feels as soft as a babys skin! Also - I am acne prone still at age 50 but this has not clogged my pores. Love it!

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  • not for combination skin or humid climates, (Lina35 SC)

    I have an oily t-zone and can't wear this. I also live in a humid climate, so it's even worse. I miss his older foundations, which I loved !

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  • Foundation , (Health_Nut NJ)

    Nice but too Matt for me.

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  • dianne, (deedee46 OH)

    Great coverage. No need for an additional concealer.Love it.

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  • Nope, (dgirl123 WI)

    I expected more but. Its not for older ladies with wrinkles, it just makes them look deeper. Too thick and heavy feeling.

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  • Missing Sunscreen, (DoublyBlessed MD)

    Unfortunately, this product is missing sunscreen. At least, I can find no reference to it nor does Dimitri mention it when showing it. A previous foundation from Skinn that I purchased several years ago included sunscreen. Now I have to put on my own sunscreen first. Demitri, if you care so much about our skin why would you leave that out? Please put it back in your foundation. I would recommend this product but with a caveat.

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  • Love it!, (KarynL CA)

    I love this foundation!!! I am "over 40" and this looks great on my skin! I am even looking into his skin care line since I love this foundation so much!

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  • Not quite right, (Lexilady VA)

    I really wanted to love this but unfortunately I did not. I purchased shade 7W and unfortunately it made me look a little too orange.

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  • Best foundation yet, (TILLY TX)

    After using a different line for a few years, I decided to try Skinn after watching the video. This was the best decision ever. My previous foundation had great coverage but was heavy and masky. This feels lightweight, minimizes pores and lines, yet has maximum coverage for my sun-damaged face. I absolutely love it. I had to blend 2 shades to get the color right, but it's worth it. Please don't even think about discontinuing this line!

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  • Terrible, (lknrock MI)

    It is not smooth and looks terrible

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  • didn't work for me, (jhluvsnh TX)

    I have bought drug store foundation that works better than this and far less expensive. It accentuated my pores. Perhaps I didn't get the right shade. I don't know. I was disappointed in this product.

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  • Skinn, (JLP-96kl NY)

    Its ok. Does its job. Nothing to write home about.

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