Skinn® Cosmetics OPA! Eau de Parfum - 1.7 oz.

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  • the best, (cathym359 OH)

    i was happy when i tuned in to watch skinn cosmetics and low and behold my favorite perfume was on . i have been wanting this for so long. i hope hsn keeps this instock. love this opa!

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  • Love the scent when first applied, (anita65 TN)

    I love this perfume but it doesn't last. Having the same issue with another that I love. I could understand if they were ead de toilette.

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  • Wonderful, (sonnet123 MI)

    So glad Opels back...delightful scent...Thank Dimitri.

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  • Skinn-OPA! Perfume , (belliza99 TX)

    This perfume I have used so many times . This bottle is not the same color ( liquid) its orange n not like others ( its my 7 bottle) should be pink n the scent is different , have had a lot of compliments on fragrance w/Pink liquid. Would recommend But only if its PINK !!!

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  • Light and fragrant , (kimmymo OR)

    I love this scent. So light and floral. I generally wear Anais Anais, but this is my new scent. I highly recommend

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  • Poor Scent, (darian488 CO)

    I was hoping to really like this Eau de Parfum, but even though I am 71 years old, I would describe the scent as "old lady smell." So disappointed!!!

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  • Opa, (Genevieve2 TX)

    I loved it the second it hit my skin! It smells like an expensive department store....for about an hour. Fragrance does not linger and it didnt smell as citrusy(?) as I had hoped.DIMITRI! Make us a Manuka Honey Oil fragrance!

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  • Nothing Like This!, (jenymart CA)

    I see this is on clearance. I hope Dimitri is not discontinuing this because it is just the absolute best perfume being made now. I cant describe how wonderful this scent is, only that it is very unusual. Opa imitates no other fragrance, and when I wear it, I literally get hounded all day long. Ive been a fan of Opa for about six years and I cant imagine it not being made anymore. Please Dimitri dont discontinue it!!!

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  • Heavenly!!, (sandyhuff NV)

    I don't write many product reviews, but this perfume is the best! First I tried the Opa lotion and body oil and the scent was so beautiful that I decided to give the perfume a try to get the layering in this heavenly scent! I've been looking for a signature perfume for years and I have finally found it. It is soft, delicate, and very refreshing! After trying it the first time, I went back and ordered a second bottle you can't always get it. SO pleased. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed!

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  • I use to love this scent ....., (NathalieNYC NY)

    I have bought 3 bottles of Opa in the past . When it was discontinued I was very disappointed. More then a year later it pop up in my favorite as available. I was so happy until I open the box and perfume that is supposed to be pink ...was a brownish color ... And the scent is not the same .I think this is really old perfume that they are trying to get rid of .I Was truly a fan ... no more ... Returned

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  • Love OPA!, (caz MN)

    I have worn this for years and have been so afraid Dimitri wasn't going to make it anymore. Please, please keep it! Thank you.

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  • The best!, (arthritis2 MI)

    This perfume is the most delightful, decadent and sexy scent! It is not over powering. It is subtle. It leaves a mix of flowers,Musk and woody notes while not overwhelming your natural scent. It is light and airy, not heavy where there is a cloud of perfume following you. It is just enough to peak someone's curiosity to ask,"What is that lovely scent?" Its the best! Thank you Dimitri for all you do in skin care, beauty and scents! Your the best!!

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  • Happy, (gdbyhrt FL)

    I have been waiting forever for OPA to come back..I have trouble with a lot of fragrances but I love this..thanks Dimitri keep it up. 6

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  • LOVE OPA!, (lwcountry CA)

    Dimitri dont stop selling this parfum. Every single one of my daughters LOVE it. They were so upset that you stopped selling this. So, very happy your brought it back. Please do not stop selling this.

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  • Love. Love. Love, (jJakki TX)

    I love this so much. I have used it since 2016. Now its gone

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