Skinn Cosmetics Neck Amour Redensifying Serum

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  • Wish I could give it 10 Stars, (corkee AZ)

    A year ago I let myself run out of this neck serum. Didn't think too much of it for about 5 days. The difference became very obvious. My neck and decollete we're droopy and wrinkled By the time I got the next shipment, I had put this on autoship never ever to be without again

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  • BOGO, (SHOPhsn137 CO)

    2nd order. Love SKINN paroducts.

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  • Great neck cream , (gendall WA)

    I LOVE the neck armor Cream, since launch and I confess I am lazy because if I would apply twice a day everyday my results would be even better. This I added because thin skin on the neck, it's an excellent addition I have used $10 neck creams to a fancy one with "P" for about a hundred bucks and I always go back to the neck armor line, every time since it launched

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  • It works, (Xoxladybug TX)

    I have used this since 2007. I can go a while without using it and the Turkey neck comes back. Getting faithful with it again gets rid of this. Amazzzzing.

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  • Great Neck Cream, (MercedesLiz FL)

    One pump is all you need to cover your neck and chest. I have had the jar of neck armor and was getting low so decided to try this too. Im 53 and getting loose skin. Trying to find a way to firm it up.

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  • Great Neck Serum!, (dory111 NJ)

    I just starting using this serum before applying the Neck Amour cream and so far I'm happy with the results so this will continue to be part of my daily regimen!

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  • 10+ product, (carolinagirl007 SC)

    This is a game-changer. I love this product and have it on auto-delivery. I love the feel. It is smooth and does not feel cheap, as some other products I have tried from HSN do. Thank you Demetri for a 10+ star product!

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  • Can See A Difference Love Skinn, (ToffeeDude NJ)

    Been using Skinn and I can highly recommend. Very Nice Serum Lotion. My Neck is Looking Much Better, Using this with So Many Other Products From Skinn. My Go To Must Have Using Daily for Results. Thank You.

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  • SKINN Neck Serum, (CathyfromMN MN)

    Really like it. Have been using it regularly. Nice texture and soaks in fast. Was never big on neck cream until now.

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  • one of my favorites, (christopherkyle KS)

    This has been one of my favorite product from Dimitri. I was just waiting for a good deal before buying it again.

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  • It works, (Lucky210 CA)

    It works Ive noticed a difference already great scent and soft.

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  • Great Product, and works, (veryDisappoin360 NY)

    I have this redensify serum and the "defining" serum since I was not sure which one to use. Both work great. My neck looks great. I switch off every week. Not sure if this is the correct way to use them, but this method seems to work. I like all Skinn products.

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  • Skinn neck serum 2 pack, (tovon7 PA)

    Just started using this product, love the way it goes on and stays on unlike the Prai neck cream that sometimes flakes off and ends up on my clothes. I also like the smell of the serum.

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  • Wonderful purchase!, (dedeinthecountry WI)

    I love Skinn neck products! This serum is packaged well, comes out creamy (not runny), goes on silky. There's no scent. It totally makes my neck soft and hydrated, helping make my saggy areas look firmer. I alternate this with the neck mask at night. Thanks Dimitri for another winner!

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  • Great necks!, (Xoxladybug TX)

    I have used this for quite some time and it really does work I think you need to use it continuously in order to get best results. But it can rescue you if you go a few minutes without using it and then our faith all about reapplying and hanging in there. I only use skin products with the exception of now adding some doll 10foundation now

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